Thursday, September 25, 2008

Evening Stitches

The autumn rains began yesterday. Grey, moody skies drizzled off and on throughout the day. I love fall and the change to an indoor, hearth-centered focus on daily activities. Last night we had a simple meal of soup and sandwiches as we gathered round the table and touched base on what happened in each other's lives.
And then an evening spent puttering - cutting out fabric for a new dress, some reading, and a few stitches. I've started thinking about Christmas presents. For someone in my family, I found a linen table runner that I'm embellishing with simple swirls of whipped chain stitch. The feel of the fabric in my hand and the rhythm of the needle while I sit in a pool of lamplight is a perfect end to a fall evening.
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  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Your chain stiches are just perfect. I hope you will show us the finished table cloth some day.

  2. The stiches are perfect. Happy Autumn, Lorrie!


  3. Ohhh..I'm anxious to see that table runner. What a wonderful idea.


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