Thursday, September 25, 2008

Evening Stitches

The autumn rains began yesterday. Grey, moody skies drizzled off and on throughout the day. I love fall and the change to an indoor, hearth-centered focus on daily activities. Last night we had a simple meal of soup and sandwiches as we gathered round the table and touched base on what happened in each other's lives.
And then an evening spent puttering - cutting out fabric for a new dress, some reading, and a few stitches. I've started thinking about Christmas presents. For someone in my family, I found a linen table runner that I'm embellishing with simple swirls of whipped chain stitch. The feel of the fabric in my hand and the rhythm of the needle while I sit in a pool of lamplight is a perfect end to a fall evening.
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Anonymous said...

Your chain stiches are just perfect. I hope you will show us the finished table cloth some day.

Fete et Fleur said...

The stiches are perfect. Happy Autumn, Lorrie!


Linda Jo said...

Ohhh..I'm anxious to see that table runner. What a wonderful idea.

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