Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hot Chocolate Recipe and a Birthday

I thought I'd share my hot chocolate mix recipe with you. Hot chocolate made from milk and cocoa powder on the stove is probably the best, but it's not really fast. And I don't really like the purchased powdered mixes - they taste like they are full of chemicals. And many of the homemade mixes call for coffee creamer, which is also mostly chemicals. A friend gave me this recipe a long time ago and I try to keep it on hand. It's not too sweet. And without further ado...

Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

4 cups powdered milk (I like to whirl it in the blender for a finer texture)
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (like what you use for baking)
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 1/4 cups icing sugar (powdered sugar for those of you in the US)
1/2 tsp salt

That's it. Mix it all up, put it into a pretty container and use about 2 1/2 heaping tablespoons per cup of boiling water. There's nothing like it for a cool September morning, or evening. I can drink it all day long!

And for the birthday....

Our son, Travis, turns 25 today! He was born on a sunny September day in a little mission hospital on the edge of the Amazon jungle. It was a great community - I remember a friend coming in while I was in labour to bring me the mail and I read a letter from my mother. This was pre-email days. Most of the doctors and nurses were our friends and kept popping into my room throughout the day to chat and see how things were progressing.

And now here he is...all grown up, married and just finished his computer engineering co-op and degree and beginning a brand new job on Monday.

Love, love, love and birthday blessings to you, dearest boy!

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  1. Good morning Lorrie :)

    I enjoyed your blog so much, I had to come back.

    Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

    I'm going to try that hot chocolate recipe as soon as it starts getting cooler here in Ohio. Thank you for sharing it :)

    Have a beautiful Sunday,

  2. Hi Lorrie,

    Congrats on your award from Christi. I just love her blog too!

    Happy belated birthday to your son. They grow up so fast.

    I will keep your hot chocolate recipe for when it finally cools down here.

    have a great week.

  3. I think we share the same hot chocolate recipe...yum!

    Happy Birthday to your son, the story of his birth day was interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by, and to answer your question about the magazine, I think Chapters would be a good start. Matthew tells me it should be in most stores, but I think we are nearly a week behind in our magazines...go figure!!

    Hope you are getting less rain than us...we are literally soggy here!!


  4. Yum...yum..yum, sounds tasty!!! Happy Birthday to your son, too!
    kari & kijsa

  5. Thank you for giving out your recipe - I don't like the powdered mixes, either. :) I'm gonna make a batch of this. And what a sweet story about your son - happy birthday wishes to him!

  6. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of your son's birthday!


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