Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Small Things

December is a month focused on the BIG celebration of Christmas. I love Christmas and all the bustle of baking, gift-making, decorating, and visiting. But it's important to me to take pleasure in the small things of every day. Here are a few things that are giving me quiet joy today...

1. the smell of balsam fir from the tree

2. a cup of fragrant hot tea sipped slowly

3. the dull light outside my window that turns the world into shades of grey

4. kissing my husband goodbye before he leaves for work

5. the prospect of getting my hair cut this afternoon

6. a tidy kitchen

How about you? What small things are you treasuring today?
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  1. Hi!!! I was your swap partner all the way from California.. I am treasuring all the special gifts I received from you today. It was definitely special because it was all the things I love!
    I LOVE Christmas too. There is just a special feeling. I love cold nights, warm fires. going to all the Christmas tree Lanes, the Music, decorating, making sugar cookies, doing secret things for special people, getting Christmas cards...
    Thank you again.. I loved everything!

  2. Hi.. Me again.. I am trying to email you and it isn't going through.. Would you mind leaving your email through my email? Thanks :)

  3. Right now I'm treasuring warm socks and a quilt to cuddle up in. It's cold today in Texas! Snowing! (technically, at least)


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