Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Pillow Parade!

Kari and Kijsa had so much fun with the Pillow Parade last Tuesday that they decided to do it again! So I went around the house with my camera and found a few more pillows to share. I store them away depending on the season so they are not all out at the same time. This first pillow is one given to me by my mother-in-law who stitched it in 1970 while the family was living in Chile. My husband's father worked on the construction of a copper mine there for a year. The linen is getting quite worn and faded, but the stitching is beautifully done and I love the shading.

Toile pillows on the loveseat in our family room - not really a family room, but it's the eating area of our kitchen that is large enough for a table and chairs plus a loveseat, piano, cabinet and bookcase. But we don't really use it as a family room. Ooh, that was really confusing.

This adorable little pillow was made by my eldest daughter in grade 11. She had it on her bed. And it's not really finished. There is still a pin in one side where the opening needs to be stitched shut. I could do it, but I think it's kind of sweet to leave it as it is.

And this last photo is of a fall pillow that I pulled out of the closet for today. It's made from a thrift store felted sweater and a collection of wooden and leather buttons. I like its masculine feel. If I had a den with leather couches, this would definitely go in that room! But I don't have such a room so I put it in the living room during the fall months.

Don't forget to visit the Pillow Parade Finale for lots of pillow inspiration!
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  1. I ADOOOORE your sweater pillow w/ the leather buttons! Absolutely FABULOUS!!! Warmly, Linda

  2. All your pillows are so nice but...I would arm wrestle you for the sweater pillow!! Love it.

  3. We are so glad you showed us some more of your beautiful pillows!! Love all of them...especially the sweater pillow!! So cute! Happy St. Patricks Day!
    blessings, kari & kijsa

  4. Lorrie you have some beauties!

    I especially adore the first one. :)

  5. Think the top one is my favorite...all of them special treasures I am sure

  6. I agree with BJ...I love the sweater pillow! That's such a neat idea. I love that you have blue and white.

  7. They are all adorable...my fav is the button pillow! Love that you made it from a sweater! Awesome! Susan

  8. I totally love that you kept your daughter's pillow "as is". Very well loved, that's what it is.. I will have to try my hand at a wool sweater pillow. Thanks for sharing!


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