Friday, April 03, 2009

Beautiful in any language...

This arrived in my mailbox this morning. I don't have time to really sit down and read it just now. There's an exam I have to take on Monday morning, but this will be my reward for the afternoon - tea with Marie Claire!

This issue is all about flowers - fleurs - flores - they are beautiful in any language! Roses, delicately embroidered on natural linen. I like the way some are more filled in than others.
What a great idea for a tabletop - decoupaged with old textbook pages and then dried flowers, or painted ones, or cut from paper.

And just in time for Easter - pretty brown eggshells cleaned, filled with water, perched on ring-shaped cookies or in egg cups, and used as vases for muscari! I might find time to do this!

Flowers and plants add life to any room. I find myself smiling when I walk through a room with flowers. My eye is instantly drawn in that direction. With spring coming (we're supposed to have warm sunny days this weekend) I'm looking forward to the muscaris, daffodils and tulips that will soon bloom in my garden. I'll clip a few for the small treat for myself and a way to appreciate life's beauty.

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  1. the decoupaged chest is wonderful- I'm so want to do one. Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration.
    Happy Day

  2. I know what you mean when you say you find yourself smiling when you walk through a room with flowers! I've been enjoying bright cheery primulas in a couple of rooms!

  3. I'm so longing for the color of spring to arrive. Certainly displaying fresh flowers indoors helps to lift our spirits.
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    Have a sunny day!

  4. hi Lorrie,
    Spring is on its way, and in my garden the tulips have popped up, as well as all the others : narcissi, muscaris, chionodoxa... so good to see them, and leaves sprouting, after such a long and cold winter !

  5. Oh, and I forgot : happy birthday to your husband !
    And I hope I'll find a way to upload the pictures with the computer we have for the week-end.

  6. if you want I would like to propose you an exchange ?!
    I send you one or more french or belgian magazine(s) and you send me magazines too, is it not a good idea ?


    Valerie, Belgium


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