Friday, August 07, 2009

More of Butchart Gardens

Doesn't this look like a cool, shady place to sit with a good book and a glass of ice cold lemonade? Too bad it's just for looks. Butchart Gardens does have places to sit and enjoy the shade and the grass, but other places are off limits.

The sound of water is always relaxing and there are benches here to sit and gaze for as long as you like.

Oh, the colour!


Jacque said...

What great beauty and living so close to those gardens and being able to view it in person is a bonus!

Thanks for sharing!

Charm and Grace said...

My mother took several pictures of that beautiful fountain the last time she was there. I loved seeing how it changed from photo to photo. Such an inspiring place!

:) Christi

Barb said...

Hubs has promised that one of these days we will go there.

He has visited a few times and loves it.

Has it cooled down?


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