Monday, August 31, 2009

Sparkly Dangles

Bloggers are the most generous people EVER! A few months ago I helped Joy from Cupids Charm translate a document from French to English. She oh, so generously sent me a beautiful Marie Antoinette necklace in return. I was privileged to wear the necklace at Versailles this past summer, where Marie danced and charmed the court and loved her family and friends. Upon my return I sent a few pictures to Joy, showing her where her necklace traveled, and in turn...she sent me these gorgeous earrings.

I just love them. I put them on immediately and they sparkled and danced while I did my housework. I didn't want to take them off - ever. But I did, promptly photographed them and here they are. Thank you, Joy!

And the fleur de lis ribbon - ooh la la! You really should just pop over to Joy's site and see her jewelry. It's all beautifully done.
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Linda Jo said...

Such a well dressed homemaker you are, too!!!!!! haha Love the sparkly stuff.

Unknown said...

We ALL NEED sparkly earrings to wear while doing housework! What a great friend. Love the ribbon too!

Anonymous said...

Lorrie, I think those earrings are you! I will think of you now when I am doing my own chores and smile.


Jacque said...

Yes, Lorrie...bloggers are very generous people...YOU are one of them! You were so kind to thought of me while on your trip to France!

Thanks for sharing those earrings with us. They are very pretty AND the ribbon is as well...I have RE-cycled the ribbon on the pkg you sent me, and I am sure that you will do the same with this one! Isn't it great to recieve something totally unexpected?

Have a great week!

Joy Jones said...

Hi Lorrie! Oooooh I am so glad that you liked the little sparklers! They really did shimmer and I am tickled to think of you doing housework while wearing fancy earrings....I do that too...a girl can never have too much sparkle. Enjoy! ~ xo Joy

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