Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunset at Winter Cove

I just love the name Winter Cove - I think of some sailor who hunkered there in a quiet anchorage over the winter and named it. We were there on a hot August night (last summer). I took this photo and the one below from our sailboat, looking different directions.

Both are beautiful, but it's important to look in every direction to get a complete picture. And beauty can be found in the sensational warm and bright colours of the sun, or the quieter tones of the shadows. I just need to recognize it.


  1. It's very interesting you mention looking in all directions for the complete picture.

    The other morning I was taking photos of the sunrise. The westerly skies were brilliant pink and the easternly view was hit and miss with smatterings of colour on clouds, and then one glorious glimpse of orange.

    Good thought to remember for life generally, yes?

  2. Both so very beautiful even though so very different.

    The Blueberry squares look yummy.

  3. Hi Lorrie,

    Stunning photo's. I love the name also. Sounds kind of magical.



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