Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Autumn Road Trip

A beautiful rainbow greeted me when I opened the blinds yesterday morning. Sunlight glinted off the wings of the seagulls drifting on the wind. A perfect day for a road trip - and that's what we had planned!

Our first stop was at the Malahat view point overlooking Saanich Inlet. I never get tired of looking at sky, water and trees.

Neither does Tim. See how it was bright enough to make him shade his eyes? We love every bit of sunshine we can get at this time of year.

Nanaimo was our goal. We completed a little business then set out to walk along the waterfront. Interesting scupltures but I couldn't find any description. I didn't look too hard because rain was falling.

At the end of the fishing pier people were hauling in crabs.

This gull was looking for handouts.

We ate lunch at this bistro built on pilings out in the harbour. I had a BLT with yam fries, Tim had a jerk chicken jalapeno burger with regular fries.

The best part of the meal....

The view! On a damp, cloudy day, beauty is subdued but always present. I need to remember that in the cloudy days of life - to look for the beauty that is always there. To be intentional.


  1. Looks like a lovely road trip. Wish I could of rode along. Great pics!

  2. Oh, I loved Nanaimo when we visited a few years ago! We really enjoyed walking along and watching the sea planes taking off and landing. It was a lovely early June day, and great weather. I love reading your posts about your area, because it reminds me of our visit. The best meal I had while on your island was at a small place in Port Renfrew - I had fish and chips - super fresh halibut, fried in a light batter and yam (sweet potato) fries. Such a wonderful treat! There were so many fries I got a bag to take them with me, and munched them on the ferry as we headed back to the mainland later that night. Thanks for the memories! Becky

  3. What a beautiful day and lovely trip!


  4. Lovely photographs. In the last one you can hardly tell where the water ends and the sky beings.

  5. Hello Lorrie,
    Thanks for taking us along!
    These photographs are peaceful!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Have a yummy weekend. Clarice

  7. Breathtaking. Thank you for taking us along.

  8. We spent ten days exploring on the island this summer...and had a most wonderful time. Beautiful scenery...everywhere we went. Oh...we enjoyed the fish & chips too! Thanks for sharing your day-trip with us.


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