Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pay it Forward

Some time ago I read a post on Jacque's blog in the southern USA which led me to Maggie's blog in Normandy, France. I commented on Maggie's post and as a result, received an interesting package in the mail on Friday. A cuddly and dapper-looking bear, a sign for the WC door, two French postcards and some candy. Thank you, Maggie!

I waited over the weekend to take a photo, hoping for some sunshine. Sigh, it's been in very short supply lately and I resorted to using the flash, hence the glare.

"If you would like to participate in Pay It Forward, just leave a comment on this post.
The first three people to leave a comment will be my next Pay It Forward recipients. You must have a blog so I can read your postings and learn a little about you. That way, I will know what to send just for you! THEN, when you receive your package from me, you post pictures of what you received, just as I have done, and wait for three comments on your blog...and the game continues on.
If there are any questions you can ask me anytime! It really is a whole lot of fun! Let's see how far this PAY IT FORWARD can continue."
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  1. Well, now you'll be back to Southern California. I'm Jan and live in Murrieta, between LA and San Diego.

  2. Wow. That really sounds like fun. I love getting parcels...especially surprise ones. Lovely blog:)

  3. Hello Lorrie,
    This sounds like fun.



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