Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Cards

My parents came to visit for my birthday in October and one of the things my mom and I did together was to make Christmas cards. I thought it a bit early, but we had the time. Wow, I'm so glad these are done. Things are really busy for me right now - two finals next week, one research paper due, a couple of smaller essays and another final on the 15th of December. Then I'll be able to devote more than a few snippets of time here and there to getting ready for Christmas - my favourite holiday - or "holy day."
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  1. You were so smart to have gotten your cards done ahead of time. I too am now swamped and have 80 cards still to send out.

    Make sure you come by and enter my GIVEAWAY.

  2. Good luck with all that lies ahead of you in the weeks to come. You're sure to do well - and then you can sit back and enjoy the best season of the year!

  3. Perfect wishes. Isn't it heaven to take just a little bit of the pressure off this time of year?

  4. The cards look so special. What a treat for those who receive them. Yes, isn't it great to get Christmas stuff done early!

  5. I am envious that you have your cards done so early! Each year I say I'm going to be more prepared...:)

  6. How nice to have your cards ready well in advance! One of these years...I will be more organized.


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