Sunday, November 08, 2009

November Evening, Bavarian Apple Tart

We've had a lovely Sunday. Our son and his wife came over for lunch and after they left Tim and I went for a long walk around the bog. Today a bit of sun shone in spite of the dreary forecast. A heavy carpet of leaves underfoot gave the signal that soon all the leaves will be gone from the trees.

Yesterday we went to friends' for dinner and I took along this Bavarian Apple Tart. I don't know how authentically Bavarian it is, but it sure tasted good. Buttery, creamy, crunchy and full of fall apple flavour. You can find the recipe here on my recipe blog.

I added some Thanksgiving-themed flashcards to my Etsy shop. I had them made for Canadian Thanksgiving but didn't get my shop started on time. They can be made into a garland, used as placecards, or used as conversation starters. The schoolmarm in me just likes the idea of flashcards, words neatly printed on cardstock, themed and organized. I tied them up with vintage rayon binding and added a couple of felted wool leaves and a copper wire tendril. Pretty as can be.


Tara said...

YUMMO....can you bring me a slice on over??? Looks delici-o-so!
Love the cards too. Neat idea.
Hugs from Texas.

Peggy said...

Looks sooo good. I have a cup of coffee waiting for my piece!
Peggy said...

You make such beautiful things. How fulfilling to be so creative.

Judy said...

Bavarian Apple Torte has been a favorite in this kitchen for decades...the perfect fall dessert.

Maggie said...

Well, as someone who has lived in Bavaria I am the ideal person to tell you how authentic this apple tart is.
So, if you would just ship one over to me here in Normandy I'll be happy to do a taste test for you!
Thanks for visiting my TJ post.

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

This post just made me hungry!


Nishant said...

You make such beautiful things Work from home India

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