Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for a Creative Break

As many of you know I'm a "mature student" - which means I've raised my children, got them through potty training, elementary school, the agonies of high school crushes, graduation, university degrees, two are married and all three are independent, relatively well adjusted considering who raised them, and wonderful people. And after all those years of being a mom, I'm back in school, studying to attain a French degree and a teaching certification. It's going well, another 18 -20 months should see it finished (at least the degree part). I'm working hard to complete three courses before Christmas - Anthropology, Psychology and Early French Literature.

I have to keep telling myself that getting through school is what's my priority for time. But sometimes, I just HAVE to make something! I try to confine my creative puttery endeavours to the weekends, but alas, I fell by the wayside this morning. After finishing the study questions for a chapter on Mesoamerican Civilizations, I did a little stitching and stuffing. I stamped some linen with botanical images, stuffed the squares with rose petals and lavender from my summer garden, and took a few photos. Took about 45 minutes and it feels wonderful!

I have a confession to make. I really don't like the scent of lavender. Everyone waxes poetic about it, but to me it's medicinal, too strong, and acrid. I much prefer citrus, or roses, or almost anything (except musk.) But I don't mind a tiny tiny teeny bit of lavender fragrance wafting from my linen closet - a hint that someone is caring about the little things in this household.

Oh, and the other night I started glittering some tree shapes for which I have great plans - they've been lying on a paper on my office/studio floor since the weekend - waiting in all their glitteriness while I turn my back to them and focus on the computer and my books. Patience, little trees, I'll get to you soon.

And now, moving South American Chiefdoms and States....
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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh..... this looks like fun! I'm intrigued what's going to happen with your glittery trees.....

    I'll stay posted for hopeful peeks!

  2. Isn't the sense of smell so powerful? I had a wonderful trip to San Juan Island a couple years ago and we went to a lovely lavender farm and I bought candles, lotion, ate lavender shortbread. Let me just say I never want to smell anything lavender again!

  3. It seems that a little puttering between ancient civilizations goes a long way. Stay the course -- on puttering and studying alike. Just don't get glitter on your term papers.

  4. Dear Lorrie,
    I admire you for going to school and for the classes you are studying!
    Glad you took time to be creative too!!! Like what you made very much.


  5. I enjoyed the roadtrip Lorrie. Lovely pics. Also the chocolate fondue in front of the fire.

    Good to take a break when studying ocassionally and getting your craft fix so as to return with renewed vigor.

  6. I admire you for going back to school...and wish you well as you complete your certification. And it seems like you have a life besides...even taking time to create lovely things. Way to go!

  7. Dear Lorrie,
    Your pillow is so pretty - I just love your natural approach to crafting.
    Can not wait to see whats up with the sparkly glittery trees.
    Being a mature student is hard word - but it will be well worth it in the long run. Kudos to you.


  8. Hmmmmmm I'm curious about what you're going to do with those glittery trees!
    You're working so hard at school - it's good to take a 'mental health' break once in a while.

  9. What beautiful things you're making! I did my masters in English Literature as a mature student. Loved it. So nice not to have the distractions of youth to worry about!

  10. Lorrie, Thanks for all the sweet comments! I love the little glittered trees, but what's not to love about glitter?!? Have a wonderful holiday season, Martha

  11. I love your lavender sachets, so inventive.

  12. Love those glittered music inspired trees! I'm with you on Lavender. I love the color much more than the scent! Amazing you can creat such beautiful things while getting your degree. Wow!

  13. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Oh, I look forward to what you are going to do with those trees, Lorrie.

    I also admire you so much for getting your degree....

    Happy glittering and studying,

  14. Good luck with your studies Lorrie. I think you are right to put in some creative time between your hard studying.


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