Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Potpourri Post

A year or more ago I asked for a breadmaker for my birthday. I was tired of eating yukky bread from the store, and couldn't believe how expensive it was. I started making 100% whole wheat bread and the only bread I've purchased since then is the occasional loaf of roasted garlic bread. But a few months ago I came across Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day. Since then the breadmaker has languished in the cupboard as bowls of dough slowly develop in my fridge. I love this bread and so does my husband. And it's so easy to make - no long kneading time, and it can wait up to 4 days in the fridge before baking. I'd encourage you to try it out. Over the weekend I also made two lovely baguettes using the same method but they were devoured before I took a photo.

In between bread baking and cooking for company, I started work on the master bedroom. I wanted to paint the trim first, so my husband pulled the carpet away from the walls and I bent it back and nailed it to the floor, then painted the trim. The carpet man came to measure for new carpet on Monday, but just for this room. The rest of the main living level will be hardwood, and some renovations have to happen first. So I'll live with that green for awhile. But at least the bedroom will be done. Last night we painted the first coat of "Fine Silver" on the walls, and I will finish that this morning. What a mess the room looks with everything pulled towards the middle.

This is a bit of embroidery I'm working on. With 10 others I've joined a round robin embroidery project. We each prepare our fabric then send it along to the next person on the list who embroiders something and so on. The schedule is such that I should get my embroidery back mid-September. It will be fun to see what everyone does.

What I really need to do is a rough draft of a Medieval History paper. So, that's where I'm off to. For a break, after I get to half my word count, I'll treat myself to painting the bedroom. Oh, the excitement. Maybe a bit of chocolate, too.


  1. Chocolate does help the thought processes!
    What a beautiful piece of embroidery. I love to do Cross stitch Round robins too.

  2. Living in the mess will be only temporary, and you will be glad you did when everything is finished !
    I'll check the bread thing, definitely. I found something about No Knead Bread, recommended by a colleague and it's also interesting.
    And oh, the lovely embroidery. I haven't touched a needle in months now. I've been feeling a little disorganised lately.

  3. It sounds as though you're managing to keep your spirits up, Lorrie. I look forward to seeing that colour - sounds intriguing!

  4. Love what I'm seeing on the stitching!! You're a busy gal! And the bread sounds wonderful.

  5. What a gorgeous idea - the round robin embroidery project.
    As for the bedroom, just keep thinking about the finished product and it'll be worth all the mess. xx

  6. Just had some chocolate..yummy..thank goodness you are doing the renovation and not me, yet...LOL

  7. The bread looks delicious. There is nothing quite like fresh homemade bread - I remember as a child, how often times half of the loaf would be gone before it had even time to cool. I hope your week is going well. Always good to hear from you, thank you for stopping by. =)

  8. I really must try that artisan bread soon. I always intend to...

    You seem to manage to get through your to-do lists and still have time for fun things!

  9. Ohhhhh...this is lovely. Can't wait to get it to stitch on!


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