Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stash Busting

Having to pack all my fabric into boxes to move made me realize that I have waaaay too much of it. I think I keep so much on hand because of 20 years of living overseas when I stocked up on trips home. Fabrics there were sometimes not of the best quality and it was almost impossible to find any 100 percent cottons.

However, since several fabric stores are within 30 minutes, I really need to get over this. Today I rummaged through the stash and found this piece of lineny fabric - probably a linen polyester mix, and decided to make it into a tablecloth for our newly painted breakfast nook. A mug of parsley grabbed from the countertop adds a bit of green to the scene.

My sewing room is not quite the way I want it yet - there are a few boxes still to be unpacked, but today I set up the machine and ignored the mess and sewed. Every little step gets me closer to feeling more at home here.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments. I know many of you have moved a lot, too. We're all in this together and I'm grateful for this blogging community and bloggers whom I have come to regard as friends, most of whom I've not yet met.
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  1. The cloth looks really pretty. Best wishes for getting the sewing room the way you want it.

  2. Your new table cloth looks lovely in your newly painted breakfast room.

    Doesn't it feel good to use something wonderful from the stash.


  3. Every day it will seem a little more like home. When you've got everything settled, you could come on back down here and help me sort out my sewing room!!!
    Lovely tablecloth.

  4. Very pretty and unique! It goes perfectly in that space. Glad that you are finding ways to create home. I imagine that your days are very busy!

  5. How I admire your ability to "just" sew a tablecloth to match your lovely newly painted grey walls. I have fabric, I have a sewing machine but I have no talent!My Nana would be ashamed at my lack of sewing abilities.
    I am so enjoying watching your new home come to life under your hands.
    No wonder you're smiling.

  6. I'm glad it's beginning to feel like home. It's definitely looking homey and pretty in your breakfast nook. I love the idea of putting parsley in a mug...it makes a great centrepiece!

  7. Loving all of the renos...looking more and more like your home Lorrie. The tablecloth is lovely.

    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  8. Don't you just love fabric..even when we downsized, I still keep finding little bits of fun fabric at the thrift stores..love your attitude..do something even though its not a perfect sewing room yet...take care..cheers..

  9. It looks really pretty, but I like the way you're thinking through why you have habits that don't fit anymore.

  10. Good Morning Lorrie,

    I have a stash of fabric and plenty of "good intentions" that haven't transpired yet. I am a SUCKER for pretty fabrics! I have to feel them, what is up with that?? Anyway, I know you are loving turning your new house into your new home!

    Have a great week!

  11. love the new tablecloth! good for you destashing and making use of what you have!!! i need to take a leaf from your book :)

  12. [age4033:23 PM

    I am not a blogger but Barbara (Ramblings from an English GArden)in England is a long time friend of mine and I got to you from her.

    I havere quickly read a smidge of your blog but I read enough to see you have a deer problem.

    I live in the mountins of NC USA and have a terrible deer problem. Several years aga I learned about a product that my friends and I finde REALLY works==="Liquid Fence".
    I first bought it on the internet bun now from a local farm store. You might like trying it in your new yard.
    I have done painting workshops(he comes to whare I live) with Brian Simons who lives in Victoria, what a beautiful place.Brian is a fabulous artist. If you don't know him he has a site. Give yourself a treat and just google his name.

    Your photography and blog are lovely


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