Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bathroom Fixups

I really need to remember to take some before photos. I think of it halfway through painting. Anyway, this bathroom was painted that pinky beige that is unflattering in every way possible. Everything was painted this colour - even the trim, and the electrical cover plates and outlets. Now it's a sunny yellow colour.

I dribbled paint on a canvas this morning in the colours I wanted and lightly brushed it for a watery effect. I think I like it, we'll see. It can always be changed.

Glass bottles new and old line the windowsill, newly painted white. I am truly astounded at the difference white trim makes. Everything just brightens up. Definition appears. Love it.

We have a curly willow tree in our front yard. Alas, I think it's days are numbered due to roots in the drain tiles. However, I'm collecting the twigs that fall and if we do take the tree down, I'll be collecting many more. I love their wildly sculptural curves.

Here's the corner. I'm still on the hunt for some fabric with which to make a shower curtain and window blind. And we need to get towel bars. Who would live in a house without towel bars? There was one in this bathroom, but none for the hand towel. In our master bath, there are no towel bars, nor a paper holder. Weird.


  1. It's a pretty bath! Love the color!

  2. Very nice...try visiting Ki's for this neat idea for towel hangers...don't know if it's your style, but it's not average that's for sure. :D

  3. Hi Lorrie - It's looking very pretty! Of course, I love blue and yellow, so I'm biased!
    It always amazes me that people can live in a house and not see a need for something like a towel bar - our master bath didn't have one either.

  4. love the, love the "dribbled" picture..I had curly willow at our old house, it fell in a wind storm on the neighbor"s car..collected some branches also for memories..

  5. The curly willow should take from cuttings, it is easy to do and roots quickly.
    Your painting is so may think of it asa 'dribbles' but i would happily hang it anywhere!

  6. Good Morning Lorrie,

    I am with you--I LOVE white trim. I am using it throughout the farmhouse.

    Your home is shaping up nicely!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Hi Lorrie, thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. When I first looked at your abstract painting in your bathroom I was so pleased. I love that. It is perfect with that new wall color. The bottles and willow look great. Blessings

  8. your bath is looking superb! I really love that white windowsill too, very clean and simple.

  9. visiting from Inspired Room; bathrooms are so rewarding to fix up because they're small enough that you see results quickly and they're not too expensive to do. Looks like you're off to a great start. The painting is such a great focal piece to set the tone for the room.
    Terrie @ Your Decorating

  10. What a pretty room. Love your painting and the bottles in the window. We have slowly removed all the towel bars in our house and replaced them with hooks. You can get far more towels dry in less space (and the bars in our house kept ripping out of the drywall!)

  11. I LOVE your painting! Is is oil or acrylic?

  12. This is soooooooooooooo beautiful! Love what you've done! Great idea with the curly willows and glass bottles... I think I might copy you on that one!

  13. That painting is beautiful. If I "dribbled" some paint on a canvas, I guarantee it would never look that good! You have a great talent! I love all the vases in the windowsill too.

  14. Hi Lorrie! It's so nice to meet a new friend especially one on Vancouver Island. Thank you for visiting me !
    Parksville is a beautiful town my husbands Uncle lives there we hope to visit this summer.
    I've become a follower of your blog ...stay in touch!
    Pamela :)

  15. Thank you so much for visiting me the other day...we lived on the Island for many years..your area is so lovely! I adore your image of all your glass bottles. Off to visit some of your past posts.

    Have a great evening.

  16. I love the canvas! And such a nice warm wall color-looks great.

  17. Fantastic painting! Wow! I love how the blues pop on a simple, neutral wall - truly lovely. Great job.

  18. Love the colours...and your work of art! Our master bedroom/ensuite are painted much that colour (Powell Buff) and I also have the same accent colour.

    We cut our curly willow way back this it doesn't get out-of-hand...but I love using the branches for decor...inside and out.

  19. wow! i love how your bathroom looks. the painting is just beautiful. i love it!

    thanks so much for your comment. so glad i popped over.

    that is funny that the house didn't have towel bars. hmmm? :)

    happy weekend


  20. Love your corner, very NW xoxoxo Clarice

  21. hi lorrie,
    your bathroom looks wonderful.i love the combination yellow and blue.
    have a nice week,

  22. Making great progress. I like the artwork. Think it is great for a bathroom.

  23. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hi Lorrie..
    I love it the color, the painting is just beautiful. Thanks!!!

    Caroline White

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