Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best of Fathers

I am so thankful for my Dad. Listing specifics is hard - so many memories come to mind. But I'm most grateful for his love for his family - for my mom and for my siblings and me. That love has expanded to include his children-in-law, his grandchildren, and his great-grandchildren. His faithfulness to God is a wonderful example to all of us.

And I am so thankful for my husband. We've been through good times and bad times. Very good times and very bad times. I have never regretted marrying this man who has been a wonderful father to our three children. Here he's hugging our eldest daughter in the midst of a yard cleanup a few months ago.

Happy Father's Day, Dad and Tim!


  1. I've enjoyed reading this tribute, and loved your account of all your post-exam busy-ness below. I hope you slow down soon, though! It's no warmer in France at the moment, if that encourages you... I had to hod my birthday afternoon tea indoors yesterday, which is just unheard of down here.

  2. It's wonderful to have special men in your life. This was a dear tribute to them both.

  3. Lorrie - as always your family pictures are so great. Your Dad tributes are short and sweet. Mine is just the opposite. Those of us who were lucky enough to have out our adult years are truly blessed.

  4. Hope both had a wonderful Fathers Day.......:-) Hugs


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