Friday, June 18, 2010

Roses and Ferns

"You'll be using the best tea-set, of course, Marilla," she said. "Can I fix up the table with ferns and wild roses?"

"I think that's all nonsense," sniffed Marilla. "In my opinion it's the eatables that matter and not flummery decorations."
"Mrs. Barry had her table decorated," said Anne, who was not entirely guiltless of the wisdom of the serpent, "and the minister paid her an elegant compliment. He said it was a feast for the eye as well as the palate."
"Well, do as you like," said Marilla, who was quite determined not to be surpassed by Mrs. Barry or anybody else. "Only mind you leave enough room for the dishes and the food."

Anne laid herself out to decorate in a manner and after a fashion that should leave Mrs. Barry's nowhere. Having an abundance of roses and ferns and a very artistic taste of her own, she made that tea-table such a thing of beauty that when the minister and his wife sat down to it they exclaimed in chorus over its loveliness.

Wild roses and ferns line the roads around here. When I walk, the sweet scent floats by me, and the above passage, taken from Anne of Green Gables, comes to mind. Unlike Anne, I have not set my tea table with roses and wild ferns, but wouldn't it be pretty? And isn't Marilla's word "flummery" just delicious?


  1. Lorrie, thank you for the comment. Aaaaah, a woman who understands, chick! Yep, but what a beautiful ride to get there—on a ferry, sugar. I loved the ferry when we took it to Orca Island up there. Beautiful!!!

  2. Wild roses, ferns, daisies...and some Anne thrown's all delicious.

  3. When you do, Lorrie, please show us because I'm thinking that it's just a matter of time!

  4. love, love, love Anne of Green Gables! and yes, flummery, what a wonderful word! but I liiiiike the flummery!

  5. Flummery....I think was an Elizabethan word describing a dessert?

  6. Anne and I often had tea together, when we were both 11 years old - you must have done the same!


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