Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden Delights

We were in Victoria over the weekend, enjoying being together as a family again. Since our youngest is renting the basement suite of our old home from us, and other renters are upstairs, I wandered around my garden, admiring the delphiniums, the roses, and more. We lived there for almost 8 years. There was no established landscape then, and we've added and cut, and pruned and lovingly tended that yard to make it what it is today. And so, I clipped a jarful of sweetly scented roses to bring back home with me. Their fragrance filled the car as we drove.

And the hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom, so I picked a few stems of their beautiful blueness. I miss the colour of my old garden here, but I'm looking forward to creating beauty here, too, once we put up a fence against those deer! (which won't be until fall, at least) Wandering around the older garden made me remember that creating things of beauty takes time. And half the fun is in the planning!


  1. What a beautiful photo.

    Love from Kaz

  2. So true...a beautiful garden doesn't happen overnight! Enjoy your fresh blooms from your 'other garden'.

  3. Now that's the best possible take on the situation. How cool that you can still visit your garden and take some posies home with you.

  4. hi lorrie,
    sweet roses and hortensia!!!
    the photos are so wonderful!!!!!!
    have a nice summertime,
    hugs regina

  5. Your flowers are just utterly gorgerous!

    Victoria is on my list of places to visit.

  6. Lorrie - thanks so much for your technical advice. My son had installed Firefox for me and he was able to enable Google Chrome just now. It worked. i'm really grateful you took the time to help me out. thanks so much! Sunshine Always - Sheila

  7. How fun to live in Victoria. Your hydrangea is beautiful. I am sure your garden is stunning. Clarice

  8. You'll have a great time planning and planting - and I can't recommend a deer fence highly enough (and just be sure to make it high enough too!)

  9. GORGEOUS flowers and your photos do them justice!


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