Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've Got Mail

We no longer have our mail delivered directly to the door. But the community mailbox is just across the street so I can keep an eye on when the mail is delivered. I haven't actually seen the delivery yet, but I think it's in the afternoon because that's when our neighbours stroll by. 

We have a key for our own box, which holds regular sized letters and magazines. For anything larger another key is left in our box which opens the bigger community box. I've been opening that box a lot recently.

Several weeks ago I opened up a parcel from my friend Karen who is wonderfully creative. She must have been keeping an eye on my decorating scheme because the tag collage above is what showed up. It fits perfectly in our new gray bedroom. Look at all the elements she included - feathers, pressed flowers, seashells, and more. It reminds me very much of Sarah Lugg's collages which were featured in Victoria magazine quite a few years ago. 

Anna from Nest Happenings sent me this fun tote bag and sewing case, both of which she stitched. Anna belongs to the same group I do that is currently doing a round robin embroidery project. I love the vibrant colours on the tote bag. Now, if the sun would only shine here so I could use the bag for the beach or the park!

If you have never checked out French General, you really must. They have all sorts of wonderful notions, fabrics and books. Kaari is a very creative person and I have a couple of her books. I recently won a giveaway on her blog The Warp and the Weft. It came packaged in red toile tissue paper, along with postcards featuring her book covers, and stickers that say (in both French and English) "I dream in French."

Well I'm dreaming in French these days but it's not much fun. I'm trying to sort out adverbial complements from parallel actions and cramming all sorts of new vocabulary into my head for my exam in French Composition next Thursday. But back to my parcel...

I'd much prefer to be dreaming about French sewing projects, like what I'm going to do with this lovely jelly roll assortment of fabric from French General. I'm thinking of making a table runner, or some placemats. What would you make with all this lusciousness?

Doesn't the swirl look just like creamy pudding mixed with swirls of cherry jam and chocolate? Mmm, I could eat it up! 


  1. So sorry, Lorrie. I was interrupted and didn't get back until just now. That means that I've been sitting here for quite some time.

    It pays to watch for the mail if all those goodies are showing up. Placemats or table runners would be very nice with that roll and it does have a candy confection look to it that is, well, delicious!

  2. What nice things you get in your mail! I hope by now your letter swap has arrived too.
    If ever you want another person for a round robin, please do consider me. I've done several in the past and always enjoyed them.

  3. What a lot of lovely treats to distract you from your studies!!...perfect timing!
    I will have to go take a look at French General. This is something new to me!

  4. Love the French general stuff!

  5. What lovely mailbox surprises!

    Those put-in-your-hand parcels and notes are soooo much fun. For all the fun we have online, there is still something quite special about receiving written affection the old fashioned way -- our postal system!

    Lovely gifts -- thanks for letting us peek too!

  6. What fun things have arrived in your mailbox! I'm hoping we'll see what happens with the jelly roll...great colours.

  7. What lovely things you have arriving in your letterbox, wish I had the same in mine.

    As foro dreaming in French, all I can say is "I wish", on that note I am off to do some French homework before my french teacher arrives.....

    Bon week-end,

    Leeann x

  8. Hi Lorrie,

    You received the mother lode of goodies. Those tags are just lovely and will fit in so well with your new place. All that fabric, OM goodness.... you will come up with just the right thing. You always do.

    Loved your post on signs. I too am a "sign freak". The only sign to really follow is the one that comes from that soft, small voice inside. When i listen to myself-no good. When i listen to the Lord- no problem. He always has a way even when we can't see it.

    Big hugs,

  9. Ahh, poor Lorrie! Your comment on my post today made me laugh out loud. I'm sure that you weren't the only one blinking hard. :D

  10. Good Morning Lorrie,

    YOU GOT MAIL..indeed!! Good mail, I should say. What fabulous gifts. I can't wait to see what you make with your swirl of colors...

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Wow, I love getting surprises in the mail. You have a nice gift of elements. Thanks

  12. I love French General! Hope your French exam goes very well.



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