Thursday, October 28, 2010

And the walls came a-tumbling down

Renovations took a back seat to the wedding and another project Tim was involved in for a couple of months. Now we're back at it. And boy, is it messy!

Three days of vacation this week are being spent tearing the kitchen apart. The upper wall between the dining room is now out. 

As I'm typing, he's continuing to tear up the floor. The house is covered in dust and I'm thrilled. Progress is being made.

Meanwhile I sit at my desk and try to study. My current assignment is writing a modern version of a fairy tale in French. It's kind of fun. I'm doing the Three Billy Goats Gruff. 


  1. Sounds fun and I'm amazed that you're doing it in French. Anyone who speaks a second, third, fourth language impresses me.

    Tim looks as if he's on a roll and going strong. All the best as your home descends to dust and rises victorious. It's going to be so great.

  2. Looking good...have fun with the fairy tale...

  3. Oh that old familiar reno feeling!! You will be so happy when it's all done!
    If you need some inspiration, just let me know and I'll send along some photos of our three goat girlies.

  4. That is huge! I'll bet you are vibrating with excitement.

  5. Oh my! What a tsak, but how lovely it will be when it is finished.

    Bon courage avec les chevres!

  6. Are you taking down the wall between the dining room and the kitchen eating area as well? I thought about that after we had dinner - how much more room it would give you. HAVE FUN. You know I love renovating.

  7. Not a job I'd relish. Anything like that happens and I want to move out until it's done. And cleaned up.

    You've come back as a link!
    I know it's not deliberate, just a Blogger booboo.

  8. We have added on to our house twice and remodeled two baths, so I know just how you feel!I loved the progress but got tired of the mess before completion.But it is always worth it when it is done. Look forward to seeing the finished project.Au revoir! :-)

  9. No problem at all, Lorrie, I know there's nothing untoward about it.

    Did you see that you had a link to your post here too which I think was nothing to do with your post? I saw it when I called earlier, It seems to have disappeared.

  10. It's coming right along...and will be so nice once it is all done!

    Good luck with the French fairy tale.

  11. Messy but looks like it is going to be great when finished.


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