Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Magazines français!

This week I was excited to see a package from France in my mail box. I again took part in Floss' magazine swap. This time, my partner was Elizabeth from French Village Life. She's an Englishwoman who moved to France with her husband. Reading her blog makes me want to buy a home in France and move there too. Elizabeth sent not one but TWO magazines, one a decorating/garden magazine, and the other a travel magazine featuring Brittany. I want to pack my bags and go there now! Elizabeth is a wonderful seamstress and also tucked in a lavender-filled hanging heart. So very pretty. 

The pages of the Campagne Decoration magazine are filled with all sorts of beautiful inspiration. I like the French (and other European) publications because their aesthetic seems less staged and more authentic. All the neutrals with a bit of red thrown in is very appealing.

These pages feature Gustavian design influence, another of my favourites. The combination of old and new is so beautiful and welcoming. And in the end, isn't that what making a home is all about - creating a space that provides shelter, not only from the elements, but also from the harsher realities of the world. Not just a place of retreat, but an environment that restores and renews us, enabling us to reenter the world refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. 

So thank you, Elizabeth. I'm looking forward to spending some happy moments with a cup (or many) of tea while pouring over all the lovely details of this magazine.


  1. What a fun idea! European decor magazines are so beautiful! My Prince picks them up for me every now and then when he goes to NYC!
    Lorrie...YOU are the WINNER of Octobers drawing!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I need you to email me with your shipping address so I can send your package right out to you!
    Have a beautiful day~
    ;-D Kathleen

  2. Time for tea and a magazine - I'm sure you'll enjoy leafing through them time and again Lorrie. I have been away for the computer for a few days but am glad I checked out your previous posts last night. thanks for the Piknik (sp?) suggestion. I'll look forward to trying it out. Sunshine Always!

  3. Now that looks like a fun swap! Your magazines will be fun to read and browse through.

  4. What fun! I hope that you'll find some time to sit and enjoy with a good cup of tea to sip. Like you, I have often thought that any home can look wonderful in any style...there are so many that I enjoy seeing. I am learning that I do love color and not all white painted furniture, yet I still like some of that. Eclectic...that's < strike > me < / i > I! (Let's see if it will take it this time. ;> )

  5. Lorrie, I have two French home magazines from the mid 1980's that I bought at a yard sale. Would you like to have them? If so, email me at and I'll mail them to you! Becky

  6. I am looking at my leaning tower of magazines and wishing that I had participated.

    I was thinking of you the other day as I am needing to begin French lessons once again in preparation for my next buying trip. Wish you lived closer. :)

  7. Wow. I love French home decor magazines!! I love picking up random fashion and home decor magazines when I'm in Europe. Even if I don't read that language. I just love the glossy pages with the European feel..

  8. Ah...a tea party with French magazines sounds wonderful! Enjoy.

  9. That is fabulous! It is so much fun to "read" magazines from other countries.

  10. Lorrie, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my artwork. I can't believe I missed the wedding. I have just had the best time going back through your posts and looking at the pictures. What a beautiful bride your sweet daughter was! I loved the metamorphosis post and also the photo with the groom clicking his heels. I loved seeing all the beautiful flowers and decorations for the occasion... and YOUR dress was gorgeous. I would guess you are probably getting some much needed rest from all the activity these days. Best wishes to the happy couple!


  11. So glad that they arrived safely Lorrie. I too am enjoying the Canadian one you sent me...with all sorts of Christmas ideas!

  12. What a treat! I'll bet those magazines will last a pot or two of tea!


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