Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Mantel

Today a friend from Victoria came for a visit. It was a good excuse to clean the house. I know that it will soon be dusty again because as I write, Tim is pounding and sawing away on the hardwood. But walking through a clean and organized house is, for me, like taking a series of deep, slow breaths. I feel calmer, more peaceful, appreciative of the gleaming floors, the dust-free furniture, the shining taps. 

I had a few extra minutes before my friend arrived so I grabbed a bag and my clippers, went a little way down the street and picked up fir and cedar branches that were blown off the trees in our recent windstorms. 

After she left, I could have returned to my studies, but decided instead to turn on the Christmas music and do a little decorating. Just the mantel for now. I should be able to get to the dining room on the weekend. 

When Tim walked in from work I had the candles burning, the fireplace glowing, and a wreath on the door. He said it was beginning to look like "our" house at Christmas. A very good feeling. 

Mercury glass ornaments and tree toppers, pine cones from Ecuador, votive candles, cut paper trees, a silver jug filled with greens and behind it all, a chalkboard with Love written on it. Simple and pretty.

And a shot from further away. I'm linking to the Lettered Cottage's Holiday Home Party featuring mantels from all over.


  1. A beautiful Christmas mantlescape...I love the paper trees...did you make them?

  2. ahhh.... I can feel the peace and tranquility, not to mention the anticipation. I think it was your sign with the word Love on it that made me feel the anticipation of being with those you love.


  3. so beautiful and peaceful...lovely Lorrie

  4. Beautiful! I like the whites, silvers and greens...and your lovely paper trees.

  5. I have those same cut paper trees! I made them maybe 15 years ago. I still have the pattern. I was thinking about making them out of book pages. Very pretty mantle!

  6. How pretty. I wish I had a mantlepiece.

  7. You're way ahead of me!
    I love using fresh greens, and after a windstorm there's an unending supply!

  8. How lovely. So good to see decorations that are so natural, and not bright red tinsel!

  9. I had to laugh when you made the Picassa - not Picnik comment no wonder I had trouble following your instructions. I'll try again. I love the simplicity of your mantel and the paper cut trees. speaking of renovations, 16 years ago we were trying to complete our home before Christmas and the finishing carpenter promised to come back and hang the mantle after Christmas. It's still in it's box so I'll have to find another place to display the trees you've inspired me to make. thanks for the terrific idea!

  10. Lorrie, wonderful that you were able to glean such lovely natural mantel greenery from branches that were down. It looks fabulous and I'm sure that it added all the warmth of Christmas cheer. It makes everyone feel brighter and calmer.

  11. Hi Lorrie,
    Your mantle is simple but very elegant, the mercury glass ornaments are lovely and I love your paper trees.
    I'm trying to steer away from red, green and gold myself this year but it is hard!

  12. dear lorrie.
    loveley christmas mantel!!!
    i love the paper trees !
    happy winterdays,
    hugs regina

  13. I just love the mercury glass & fresh greenery. Thanks for coming by to visit!

  14. I have always wanted a mantle! Yours is very pretty.... nothing like the look and smell of fresh greens! And the paper cut-out tree is perfect!

  15. Oh how pretty, Lorrie! I do believe you just inspired me to finally decorate mine. Thank you!

  16. Your paper cut trees are beautiful. Perhaps you could do a tutorial on those, too! I've been working with paper and mixed media lately and these would fit right in!

    Have the merriest of days this Christmas season.

  17. I love your mantle. I'm always hyperventilating over mine. Not sure I've got it right yet..I'm checking out those links.

  18. I agree, I LoVe the paper trees!
    They just add a special handmade touch to all the other lovelies on the mantle,
    it is just beautiful !


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