Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Days Fly By

Easter weekend passed in a flurry of activity. We stayed home on Good Friday, then drove down to Victoria on Saturday evening and spent the night with our daughter and her husband. After church on Sunday morning (in our "own" church where we know so many people), we had dinner with all of our children plus a couple of extra guests. I cooked, our daughter and her husband hosted, and others contributed. Lots of laughter.

In my spare moments over the past week, I sewed this little bubble top and bloomers for our granddaughter. It's a bit big for her yet, but hopefully will fit her over the summer. What fun I had!

On Friday I made hot cross buns, no photo, and on Saturday, these date-filled oatmeal cookies, my dad's favorite. After Sunday lunch/dinner with the kids, Tim and I headed off on the 5 pm ferry to the mainland. Not only was it Easter Sunday, but also my dad's birthday. On Monday morning we were together with my siblings for breakfast (minus one brother-in-law who had to work). 

We returned home Monday evening, exhausted. Yesterday, I studied furiously, and this morning, wrote a final exam for Medieval History. Another course finished. Yay! 

And so goes the week - already it's Wednesday! How is your week going?


  1. Congratulations! My my you've been busy!
    My week is quite boring compared to yours.

  2. My week is not nearly as busy as yours...thankfully.

    What a sweet little outfit. I see lots and lots of fun in your future!

    I see that you're ticking those courses off in fine fashion. And another one bites the dust...

  3. That's the cutest little outfit and I'd love to eat those cookies right about now!! It sounds like you had a beautiful Easter.

  4. What a cute little outfit you made :) Your little grandbaby will look adorable in it ! My week is flying by too...had some rain here today.

  5. I love the little outfit, it looks quite Victorian with its little bloomers!

  6. Lorrie - this will only be the beginning of the fun you'll have sewing for that precious granddaughter of yours. Your Easter weekend sounded wonderful along with the visit to see your Dad on his birthday. I can just imagine his smile as he opened your box of cookies. Good luck on completing another course - Is there a chance you'll be here in June? Be sure to let me me know.

  7. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about what you've been up to! Especially the class part. Congratulations on finishing up another one. The little outfit is so cute! Sounds like a very nice weekend with family.

  8. Congrats on making time to sew. I hope you really enjoyed making that super cute outfit. I know you enjoyed all the visiting as busy as it sounds. And the test. TA DA Done. YEAH you.

  9. Ce petit ensemble est vraiment ravissant ! Et les petits gâteaux... appétissants !

  10. So right, the time does fly by and seems to do more so every year.

    How great that you are a gifted sewer and can make such cute things for your granddaughter.

    The oatmeal date cookies I would love. Am a fan of dates.

    Looks like you had a great family Easter.

  11. have had a a whirlwind of activity over there! Not sure how you found time to sew in between.

    Those are my dad's favorite cookies as well!


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