Friday, April 15, 2011


Blue thou art, intensely blue;
Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?

James Montgomery

Grape hyacinths make me smile. They bloom in quiet places here, under trees, tucked behind a rock, or almost hidden in other foliage. I find them enchanting.

I usually don't pick them because they add color to a landscape that needs it in spring. However, the deer are also enchanted by them and nip them off, leaving short stems, and my heart to mourn their loss.

I have thwarted the deer, and picked a few stems to enjoy indoors.

Thank you, my dear readers, for your encouragement regarding my paper. It's done except for the final polishing. I dither over pushing 'send.' There's always a word or a sentence that can be tweaked. Or a sentence rearranged. Or a comma to insert or omit. 

My husband and my children tell me to just push send ... So I will. This weekend. Sometime. This is what comes from studying on my own, without firm due dates. Dithering. Tweaking. 

Now I'm off to tweak my house. It needs it. The dust bunnies amassed in great hordes while I was furiously composing my papers. It's time to quell their advance.


  1. Funny, I don't think of you as a ditherer at all. You are so hard on yourself. Wonderful hyacinths...glad that you rescued them.

  2. Happy tweaking.......

    Grape hyacinths have some a satisfying color!

  3. I know that the sort of tweaking that makes your house shine can be so satisfying after days sitting at the computer. Enjoy!

  4. Oh!! I remember those days. I have taken a year off school. I couldn't get the classes I needed last semester. Just push send. I'm sure you did a great job!!

  5. Your paper will be awesome...when your ready hit "send" with a big smile :) Have a great day.

  6. someone proscrastinating? Cleaning rather than sending?

    Just a thought.

  7. Those flowers are gorgeous. I can't believe they grow wild there! And....dust is bunny season, ya know!

  8. Lorrie thanks for the visit to my Vintage Romance blog and commenting on my Marie style strawberries. I like your blog, I will be back. TTFN

  9. Congratulations! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to finish something you have been working on for a long time? I appreciate your perseverance.....
    especially when you ARE studying on your own without deadlines. Great job!


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