Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day for Blossoms

I didn't set my alarm clock for 4 am to watch the royal wedding. But since I awoke on my own at 5:30, I did get up and caught the second balcony kiss live. What a beautiful wedding. I hope that the delight the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge feel today is a harbinger of joy for the years to come. I pray that God will be very present in their marriage.

It's a beautiful morning here on the Island. Chilly, with a touch of frost, but blue, blue skies. I've been admiring our clematis, so I grabbed my camera and shot a few photos. I think it's a clematis cartmanii "Joe". Whatever the name, it smells sweet, like jasmine, and tumbles in luxurious drifts down the rock waterfall in a sheltered corner. It reminds me of a bride's veil.

I thought the green trees in Westminster Abbey were so beautiful - adding a bit of natural beauty to complement the wonderful stone and glass. It looked fresh and airy. 

Then, I wandered a bit and noticed a few rhododendron blossoms, and the cherry tree blossoms. White, cream and green - just perfect for today.


  1. I too loved the flowers in the Abbey...white, cream and favorite combination. I thought the use of Solomon's seal was interesting.
    I'll echo your wish that they would experience God's presence in their marriage.

  2. They certainly received a Christ-honoring message at their wedding. I loved that. And, like you, I admired those trees in the Abbey. What an inspired touch. Your gardens are looking wonderful! Thank you for also describing the scent.

  3. It was the most lovely natural wedding, inasmuch as anything in Westminster Abbey can be. The trees were a perfect touch.

    I have a Clematis Armandii, similar to yours, with a heavenly perfume. I cant stop it growing!

  4. Love your pictures today and you are right they do look like a bride's veil. I just caught recaps of the wedding this morning too. She was a beautiful bride and they made a very handsome couple! I thought the trees in the Abbey were so pretty and heard that they will be planted where they will be living....I thought the message was very Christ centered too. Have a great day!

  5. I loved the trees in Westminster Abbey!! Everything about the wedding was beautiful.

    Sunny here too!

  6. Having seen your comments on Elizabeths blog thought I would pop over and say I hope you get to see it all, not just from the kiss onwards. It was all spectacular and the Bishops address to the couple was extremely good and really speaking out against the current climate regarding marriage etc.

  7. Lovely thoughts for the special wedding day Lorrie! I hope the rest of your studies go well. I'm glad to see you have such beautiful spring blossoms to take pictures of and enjoy in today's sunshine!

  8. So fitting...the beautiful white blossoms on this day. It was a lovely and God-honouring service.

  9. Beautiful white clematis - I think this wedding made everyone feel happy, at a time when we all need some 'feel-good'! The sermon was outstanding

  10. Lovely floral thoughts in word and picture!

  11. Your flowers are amazingly beautiful, and yes! What a stunning wedding! I so missed being in England on such a special day.
    Thank you for visiting, I appreciated your note.
    Monica x


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