Friday, July 13, 2012

Best Laid Plans ...

Yesterday, I planned to go for a walk with a friend, head to the market for produce and the grocery store for other stuff, sew a dress, and perhaps putter in my garden. 

Instead, I went for a walk with a friend, then drove up Island to deal with some house stuff. Possible renters. Who will not work out. As the link will show, the house is painted in cool tones, greys, whites and blues, and the possible renters asked if they could repaint it in dark earth tones. I don't think so. They are no longer possible renters. I put an ad on line last night and by this morning we had 8 more people interested in renting our home. I'm sure we'll find someone.

While there, I thought I'd walk my favourite beach. Sadly, the tide was up, but I sat on a driftwood log, ate my lunch, and enjoyed the view. The distant mountains are hazy. Recently, we've had a pinkish haze on the horizon, due, we're told, to massive forest fires in Siberia.

 I'm loving my hydrangeas! I have a long candelabra that holds 10 tea lights. Usually, it's put away for the summer, but I dragged it out and filled it with hydrangea blossoms. They march prettily down my dining room table.

More blossoms on the mantel. Yes, I do love blue.The weathered grey driftwood has more of my favourite tones.

And a recipe. Unbaked, for those of you sweltering in the heat. Chocolate Marshmallow Squares. The recipe, and a story to go along with them, are on my recipe blog, found by clicking the link in blue.

Today, I'm going to the market and the grocery store, but I won't be sewing or puttering in my garden. Company's coming for dinner. What are you doing today?


  1. Don't you just love being a the hydrangeas..I am going to visit my granddaughter..much laughter, hugs and kisses time. Have a great weekend.

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a lovely day regardless of the list changing on you. Love the hydrangeas in a row down your table. My hydrangeas are finally just now filling out and getting their color. Today I'm unpacking and recuperating from my trip to Canada...

  3. Oh...I'm glad that you weren't willing to agree to their terms. Yes, you'll get someone who will suit just fine.

    The candelabra filled with hydrangea blooms is amazing. I've not seen anything like that before...unless it was here at Christmas or something. I just love the way that looks.

    Glad that you were able to visit the former beach...I'd not heard of the Siberian forest fires either.

    Today, I woke early to do my housework before the heat of the day and to tend to Molly. My grandson was here for a while so we played paddle ball outside. I don't know about supper yet, though I have some leftover hamburger and I think I feel like pasta with a meat sauce. Yup. Something simple and easy.

    Have a good afternoon and a fine evening...

  4. Those blue blooms look most beautiful in the tea light holder. Loving the hydrangeas over here these days as well!

    I'd wait for renters who are on the same page with colour schemes. May you find just the perfect tenants for you lovely home!

    I got a wee bit of exercise this morning...bought groceries...did a little bookkeeping. I have three grands coming to stay until the middle of next I will make preparations this afternoon. Tonight we are off to the Richmond Summer Night Market...just for fun. Tomorrow I am at a conference in Richmond (with MGCC)...and when I get home, my grands will be waiting for me here. So those are my 'best laid' plans!

  5. I love these flowers, we also have them in the garden but red ones.


  6. The hydrangea are beautiful. Mine have already faded to a deep purple. They bloomed way too early. I think you have the perfect center piece for tonight.

  7. What a beautiful arrangement of hydrangeas, Lorrie. I wish I had them to welcome our guests tomorrow, our daughter, son-in-love, and the best guest of all, Wiley, aka, Sweet Pea. She's bedded down in Amarillo tonight, but will be snuggling with us tomorrow.

  8. What a delightful way to display your hydrangeas!

  9. I love the hydrangeas! I have a bush full but the blooms will need more warmth before they open up.
    Today? I stayed home and worked from the dining room table in order to avoid the crowds headed for the concert at Juan de Fuca......and I had my hair cut!

  10. I miss the beach. I live at the base of a mountain. However, if I had the time, money, etc I'd rent your lovely gray, white, and blue house (I love those calming colors). Then I could spend time writing and walking on the beach.

    yesterday I sat in my green and cream living room, worked on my story, watching it rain, and played in the rain with my 3 year old. Today, more rain, but having lunch with friend and lots of talk about writing.

  11. What a great idea for your hydrangeas! Looks wonderful and when I saw your marshmallow bars I had to run to the kitchen and get myself some chocolate. They look so yummy! Kit

  12. These pictures are gorgeous Lorrie! What frugal be sure! Those marshmallow bars look amazing and much like an expensive marshmallow candy Katie just brought home for I will know how to duplicate them but that might be very dangerous to my waistline!!!
    P.S. Thank you so much for the kind note and good wishes.

  13. Your hydrangea blooms look fabulous like that . . . making me even more annoyed at the deer who chomped ours down!


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