Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Snack Bags and Using What You Have

On my daughter-in-law's wish list (we exchange them for birthdays and Christmas) was the request for reusable snack bags. I've seen them here and there, and had a couple tutorials pinned to Pinterest. So I made a few and asked her to try them out. I can see that I should have done some pressing before taking the photo.

The larger ones have a flip top, and are lined with cotton, not nylon or plastic. They would be good for drier snacks. For the fold top snack bags, I used the tutorial from My Very Educated Mother. They are a little smaller than the pattern, simply because I used fat quarters. 

For the second, smaller bags, I used the tutorial from Laura at We Wilsons.  Again, I tweaked the pattern slightly, making a flap to fold down over the velcro closing. I thought it might prevent crumbs from getting caught in the velcro. These I lined to make them water resistant. But first, this conversation ensued:

Me:  "I need to get some rip stop nylon to line these bags."

Husband: "How much do you need?" 

Me:  "oh, not much, about ...." (and I hold my hands about 18 inches apart)

Husband: "I have some."

He goes downstairs and comes up shortly with an entire tent fly. Yellow. It's never been used because somehow, when we bought our tent, we landed up with two flys. I've warned my children that every snack bag I make from now on will be lined with bright yellow rip stop nylon.

I'm planning to make a bunch of these for stocking stuffers. This is not a secret. 

Have you started making anything for Christmas yet? 


  1. Great idea. No I haven't been making anything for Christmas don't want to think about it yet!

  2. What a great idea. I don't generally make things. I'm just not gifted in that way unless it's food. I have purchased some stocking stuffers...

  3. Truly a super idea..
    Love and hugs xx

  4. How awesome! I have a young mom friend that sells those on Etsy. Guess I should mention it on my blog.... had no idea they were so popular! Yours are wonderful. I joined an ornament swap.... just 4 or 5 of us supposedly. Haven't heard yet. ha! And I'm making grandbaby a stocking. So far that's it.

  5. A great idea Lorrie!
    They would sell well at Church fetes etc.
    I love using up what I have on hand too.
    Your husband is very resourceful!
    Shane ♥

  6. Not unless those stars count. What a great idea! And it's always good to say what you need...husbands do have a lot in their stash, too.

  7. Great idea!
    No, I haven't begun to think about Christmas gifts yet. They may all get paintings this year!

  8. Those are a great idea! I may have to run that by my daughters & daughters-in-law to see if they would like some for the grandkids' lunches.

  9. So many things to love about this post: gifts, gift ideas, the love of making something useful for people you love, using what you have (how lucky it was a pretty color!), pretty fabrics, inspiration.
    And goodness no! I have not made anything yet for the holidays. Time to get off my duff!

  10. Ha! Bright yellow it will be, why not? I love using what you have!

  11. Anonymous11:11 AM

    From the DIL who received these wonderful bags as gifts... I love them so far! Have been using them all week :) I love seeing them tucked into Little Miss A's lunchbox when we bundle her off to daycare in the morning and my colleagues have all commented on how wonderful they are when they see me with them in the lunchroom. I have two little observations: the bags not lined with nylon: 1. if anything greasy (ie baked cheesies - YUM! or certain types of crackers) is put in them the fabric really absorbs the oil from the snack 2. with the fold top closure without velcro some snacks start to get stale by the end of the day. I need to test the velcro top to see if the same thing happens. Even with these thoughts, they are still wonderful and I will just learn what to put in each kind of bag! Thank you!

  12. What a fun project...and such a neat idea as stocking stuffers. Who knew your hubby would have 'fabric' in his workshop?

  13. What a great idea and I love the idea for the liner!


  14. Hahahah...I LOVE these snack bags Lorrie...the bright yellow lining (and their price of "free") makes them even more deliciously beautiful! :))) Also, what a great idea to exchange wish lists. Your daughter in law is really lucky to have you for a MIL...really.

  15. Oh my... the only thing I MAKE for Christmas is food.

  16. It would be a pleasure to use such cheery snack bags!


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