Learning Something New

I don't have Photoshop or any fancy-schmancy photo editing program. I rely on the basics of Picasa (downloaded) and Photoshop. But I've admired many bloggers who use "textures" to modify their photos. Today, Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams posted a tutorial on how to add texture to a photo in Picasa. I was so excited that I dashed off to create such an image before even commenting on her blog. 
I lightened the above image using the fill light feature on Picasa.

This is the second photo I used.

And there it is, my first photo with texture. I'm not entirely happy with it, but have some ideas as to how to proceed. I want to take a bunch of photos of just textures to add to my photos. 

Have you learned anything new recently, via the blogging world or otherwise? I'd love to know.

Now, click on over to Jen's blog and try it out yourself!


  1. Oh dear....I'm still trying to find the Zoom lens on my camera!

  2. Although I have Photoshop and the Mac iphoto stuff I rarely use any fancy-schmancy bits. I am also not into textures, first I eed to learn how to take worthwhile pictures.

    Any learning I do at the moment is to do with gardening; even the writing is taking a back seat.

  3. Hey, you did great on that one. I learned that from Jen today too and was trying to play with some pics for a few minutes but didn't have any great background photos for texture. I'll have to work on that one.

  4. Learning something new I always feel awkward at first but just like those little misses of yours learned/learning to walk . . . baby steps, oopsie, get back up! So excited that you're experimenting with textures.

  5. Way to go...it's looking really good. I do love playing with Picasa, it's interesting to see how much it can do.

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your creations.


  6. I think there are times when technology shows off the worst in me and I just don't want to learn anything new. But if I'd always had that attitude, I would not be the author of a new cookdbook. Sometimes we just have to try until we get it. You are inspiring.

  7. Is it a photomerge? I really like doing them and have gotten away from it and now you go and remind me again. It can be a lot of fun! I have a photo of the baby grand that didn't turn out well at all, but it has that artsy quality so I'm keeping it. I know nothing about Blogger. I know less today than I did when I started.

  8. Now I have to go over and play with Picasa - I have it downloaded but haven't use those features. I learned that if you stand on the hot door mat in the sun too long you WILL get blisters on your toes. Ouch ouch hop hop hop

  9. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Well done. I love Picasa and there are so many features to discover.

  10. Textures are such fun and it's great that you are discovering them! I know that many of the free programs, such PicMonkey, will let you apply a texture layer and then use blend modes and opacity changes to the texture. There are also some great free textures available. I've use various textures over the years and I think that Jerry at ShadowhouseCreations (http://shadowhousecreations.blogspot.com) has some of the absolute best out there. It's funny, but I was just thinking about adding textures to the photo challenge lineup later on this year!


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