Monday, June 24, 2013

A recipe, simple flowers, and a Pinterest win

Summer begins with strawberry season. They are so juicy and so sweet. I freeze lots of them, but wanted to make a sauce as well - something to use in the winter over ice cream, cheese cake or pancakes. This sauce uses both strawberries and rhubarb, with a hint of vanilla, and I thought it turned out well. Click on the link, here, to go to my recipe site.

Feverfew is a plant that seeds itself all over my garden, sometimes in inconvenient spots. I pull it out in some spots and let it grow in others. I like using the flowers to fill in bouquets. But it's simple and pretty on its own, tucked into a dark green brandy bottle for a vase. 

Pinterest is a great place. I like pinning all sorts of ideas and do try them out. Some are failures, but this idea was a winner today while I played with Little Miss A. My version is not as elaborate as the pin, but was a hit nonetheless. We placed houses on the roads, drove cars, made a park, and had a wonderful time together.

Are you on Pinterest? Do you use the ideas or just enjoy pinning? 



  1. I love pinterest- and have done quite a few things- right now I'm getting ideas for my 18" Madam Alexander doll (like American Girl doll) - lots of fun ideas there.

    Love feverfew - I've got to get some going in my yard.

  2. Great idea creating your own car mat! I might have to try that with our grandson.

    Love your recipe too. Yum!!

  3. I'm definitely going to use that Pinterest idea! Thanks! I think I have used some recipes from Pinterest but the whole thing is often a bit overwhelming. If I checked every day it would be less to deal with, of course.

    Feverfew is lovely! I will check to see if it likes to grow here - I don't think I've seen it before...

  4. hi lorrie,
    your strawberry jam looks good. the recipe sounds wonderful,thanks !!!
    wish you a great week,
    love regina

  5. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Your recipe looks soo yummy Lorrie and I also have feverfew here - it sure sprouts up all over the place!

  6. Now that does look like a simple way to create hours of fun for the little ones. Wish I knew about that when my boys were young as they loved to play with cars and trucks.
    So far I have resisted joining Pinterest, but I do occasionally enjoy looking at other peoples boards.
    Your strawberry sauce looks and sounds delicious.

  7. The rhubarb and strawberry sauce sounds delicious, Lorrie.Those flavours go so well together!
    The roadways on the carpet look like great fun.


  8. I only ever make a conserve with the strawberries and rhubarb, I'm sure using them to make jam would be nice as well and I'll check out your recipe.
    I was reluctant to get involved with Pinterest but now I love it. Many good ideas are shared, and lots of photos to drool over.

  9. Looks yummy! Yes, I do some of the things I pin. Yesterday I made a corn, black bean salad that I had pinned...... very good! Anxious to do the tape on the carpet city with my granddaughter..... not quite old enough yet (her not me)!!! ha!

  10. Ohhhh..... and I adore the Feverfew flowers! That was the main thing I wanted to tell you!

  11. Strawberry season is over here. My daughter and I made about 15 pints of strawberry jam Mother's Day weekend, I have only 4 jars left. Oh course, I sent half home with her and have gifted a few. Peach season is just beginning! Have a wonderful day. Bonnie

  12. That is a simple idea that will bring lots of creative play!

  13. So funny...I am posting a recipe for strawberry sauce later today as part of my Fruit On Tuesday series! Great minds think alike?

    I love that Pinterest idea! I will pass it along to my married children for their children. I certainly don't do everything I pin, but I have followed through on a few things. (Kati is much better than I about that. It seems she is always doing something creative that she learned about through Pinterest.)

    1. Okay...I'm losing it! Raspberry sauce was the topic of my post today, although strawberries can easily be substituted, and I have done so on many occasions!

  14. The tape road is such a cute idea! I do enjoy pinterest but have to really limit my time there. It almost nauseates me with all the stimulation of things you think you can/want to do. It's such a useful tool though to save the projects/products you like.

  15. Strawberries......Strawberry jam......mmmmmm!
    Clever idea from Pinterest, I'll have to remember it for the girls.
    I'm having a hard time keeping up with Pinterest but when I have time I can spend hours there in awe.
    Have a good week. xo Carole

  16. Home made jams are always the best! Your strawberry jam looks so red and luscious. I love Pinterest and I have this idea pinned to use for a future visit from my grandsons :0)

  17. Your strawberry/rhubarb sauce sounds very good Lorrie. I love the idea of the roads taped out on the carpet. That's a great idea for kids. I am on Pinterest but seldom go there as I just don't have the time. Have a great week!

  18. does sound good. I certainly pin more than I do, but some of "my" finest ideas come from Pinterest. Your little grandgirlie looks perfectly content with her town.

  19. That strawberry/rhubarb sauce sounds & looks great!

    Warning...don't leave the masking tape attached to fabrics or carpets for weeks on end. I have been making masking tape fences (for farm animals and zoo animals) on the carpet for our grands for years. Unfortunately, I left the fences up for a little too long once...and have marks on the bonus room carpet.

  20. Strawberry jam - YUM! I like pinterest and use it to bookmark a lot of things that I want to refer to later on. I haven't done many repins lately though!

  21. What a simple but good idea.


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