Sunday, June 30, 2013

Roses Galore

June is rose season at Butchart Gardens. In spite of the rain, they were gorgeous. Above is Princess of Wales, white with tiny pink flecks.

Cherry Parfait - pink stained petals.

Abraham Darby - this one might be my favorite.

English Miss - prim and proper but with a subtle elegance that makes me think of Jane Austen.

Scentimental - gorgeously striped.

Only in the rose garden are there plant labels. Elsewhere, a complimentary printed guide helps visitors identify the plants.  This Secret rose is one I have in my garden and it smells heavenly.

I took this photo at the end of April. Less than two months later, beautiful blooms and lush green foliage transformed the garden. Creation is amazing.

The name of this rose is Sexy Rexy - kind of an odd name for a rose - but the roses themselves vied with Abraham Darby in their appeal to me. I love the pale color.

Pondside and I stopped to smell many of the roses; some were scented, others not. I always prefer a scented rose. How about you? Does it matter if roses have scent or not?

I had fun playing with various features in Picasa to edit this mosaic - all the same shot of Abraham Darby. 

Raindrops on roses....

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  1. I love roses. All of these are gorgeous. I bet Butchart Gardens is a wonderful spot to visit. When I was growing up I remember roses smelling like roses and then someone got smart (????) and started hybridizing the smell out. I guess I like the idea that a rose smells like a rose! :D :D Lovely post.

  2. Wow, the roses are so beautiful. I love all the colors especially the cherry parfait. Lovely images, have a happy week!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh glorious summer - roses roses, I can almost smell them.

  4. Lucky you to go to Butchart whenever you want. I loved our visit there a few years ago and give me a real, old fashioned scented rose any day over one bred for size or other features. 'Scentimental' would be a good Canada rose.
    Haven't seen a post from H for a while so glad she was out walking the gardens with you.

  5. Beautiful roses.....I think I smell the perfume wafting in the window........and we have plenty of raindrops too.
    Glad to know H was able to go to the gardens with you..............I've missed her posts and comments the entire month of June and hope she'll soon be sharing her lovely stories with us again.

    Thank you Lorrie for the walk through the rose garden.........each bloom is a gift.

    Hugs - Mary

  6. I love how they have the roses named and dated. Beautiful photos...

  7. i love that peachy pink color. You got some amazing close ups! We were there for our 25th anniversary but I don't think everything was so in bloom.

  8. For me, roses should have a scent. That's not to say that I would turn a scentless rose away! I see that Scentimental was there, as in my garden, looking so unusual.
    Lovely photos.

  9. Beautiful roses... love the ones with the raindrops on them.

    Thanks for sharing your visit to Butchart Gardens, one of my favourite places to visit when we come to the Island.

  10. Absolutely beautiful with the raindrops on the petals!!
    Wishing you a peaceful, blessed week.

  11. I am stunned! Such a gorgeous range of roses. I truly fell for the Scentimental. Neveer seen that kind before. I can almost smell the fragrance from your roses:) Thanks for sharing.

  12. The striped rose is so unique! All very pretty. Love your mosaic! The rain drops add a special touch.

    Visiting from Mosaic Monday :)

  13. Oh I would so choose the Cherry Parfait colour of Rose, what a delicate, lovely shade of light pink it~

  14. I have the same shot, of that beautiful Scentimental!
    What a lovely afternoon that was. Like you, I enjoy perfumed roses - more than just pretty blooms!

  15. I love scented roses and I think cherry parfait would be my favorite color! Great editing too!

  16. Such gorgeous gardens!
    I will take scented over no scent any day.

  17. Such an amazing garden of roses. I love roses, and I especially love to paint them. I think if I went to that garden, I would have to bring my paints to memorize each beauty.

    Have a beautiful week.


  18. Oh I just loved this post! Thank you so very much for sharing these lovely roses. Wish there was a scratch and sniff button on the computer. :)

    Have a beautiful week!

  19. Lorrie, each one of these is spectacular! I agree with Laura, if only there was a scratch and sniff button. My neighbor has Sexy Rexy and it's her favorite rose. Mine is Eden, I think, but truly, all roses are beautiful, aren't they? xo

  20. Raindrops on roses.. definetely one of my favorites too! I love the scent of homegrown garden roses! Miss it in store bought ones.

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  22. Beautiful, can almost smell them.


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