Dahlia Daze

My dinner plate dahlia is producing smaller flowers this year. That's a good thing. They are still so heavy that the stems bow down and sometimes break under the weight of the blossoms. This was one such flower. It's in a flattish bowl where it seems quite relieved to rest rather than try to stand up straight.

A closer look. I like the way the crocheted doily provides a patterned background through the crystal bowl.

And even closer. Creamy petals, each so intricately folded. Such artistry from the Creator.

It's a quiet weekend around here - cleaning house, shopping, barbecued chicken burgers and corn on the cob for dinner, watching Foyle's War - ordinary and lovely things. I hope your weekend is wonderful.


  1. Lorrie,

    Exquisite....the dahlia is so pretty with the glass 'ruffle' around it.

    Loved looking into the very heart of this beauty!

  2. PS...when I see the close up I long for a little of Georgia O'Keefe's gift with a paintbrush.

  3. Beautiful dahlia...the crystal and doily make a perfect background. It's such a nice creamy colour too. Nice dahlias in your header also.

  4. A perfect composition, Lorrie.

  5. So beautiful. Mine bloomed for the first time this your. Love the flower.

  6. Stunning photos - and what a lovely ordinary weekend. I love that kind especially!

  7. Simply beautiful.
    Ordinary and lovey things make for the best kind of weekend in my opinion.
    I'll have to look into Foyle's War. I keep seeing it pop up in blogland, but it's new to me.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  8. Stunning! I wishes I lived nearby so I could sneak into your garden and do some photography!

  9. Oh that is beautiful... You are so right. He lavishes riches on us and sometimes they come in the design of a dahlia. I'm listening to the video on my post today and I'm just having a moment here looking at these flowers and appreciating the words and meaning behind them.

  10. Beautiful captures!

  11. The patterning in flowers (and other parts of nature) is so beautiful. You've shown the loveliness of your dahlia to very good advantage, Lorrie.

    Your weekend sounds enjoyable; sometimes the ordinary things are those that need to be celebrated.


  12. These are beautiful shots Lorrie! Love the doily background as well and the intricate detail of the close up shot! God is amazing! Enjoy the rest of your week end!

  13. That is a big dahlia, and the macro shot is stunning.

  14. Wow, that is a beautiful dahlia bloom! I love the closeup photo.

  15. Stunning geometry from the garden! I've only ever "done" dahlias one year, quickly admitting that the whole "lifting and storing" were not for me. Perhaps if they were a fragrant flower it would be different and I'd work harder. As it is, at the end of summer when I find myself looking admiringly, and maybe a bit wistfully, at other people's gardens, I have to think about my decision all over again. They really do add important colour, even structure, to the August garden.
    And your arrangement and photograph -- superb!

  16. Breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!! I need to plant some!!


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