End of Summer Melancholy

This has been a strange summer for us. Family issues have weighed heavily on our minds. We had house guests for three months (Tim's nephew who had the accident in May, and his wife.) As of last Monday the house was back to just the two of us and it's taken me some time to adjust to cooking less and to embrace being alone. 

I am reminded of how ephemeral summers are. We anticipate them throughout the year and plan the hikes, the barbecues, the picnics, the gardening and house projects. Then, like the scattering of seeds from wind blowing on a dandelion globe, poof, the days are gone. What remains? Memories of laughter, of tears, of the first sweetly warm tomato eaten straight from the vine, of raspberries red and ripe, of bushes loaded with blueberries, of toddler giggles and a baby learning to walk. 

But it's time to lay aside melancholy. There are days of sunshine still ahead and I mean to make the most of them. I love autumn, but summer's short season holds a special place in my heart. 

What's your favorite season? Is it approaching or ending? 


  1. It is approaching, though I'm with you on this one...summer has been far too short this year so I'm planning to squeeze out every drop left. "To everything there is a season..."

    Wishing your nephew well on his recovery of the whole man.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  2. Hi Lorrie...You have such a way with words! House guests for 3 months! Wow! You had your own little BnB going on! Love your shot of the seeds...I think Autumn is my favorite season. I like the crispness in the air, the change of the leaves....I am so glad that we do get enjoy all the seasons in Canada though. They kind of give you a fresh start, a new season, new things to look forward to. I hope you have a great day.

  3. This has been a "different" summer in many ways for us, too. I'm pretty sure that Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons.

  4. Lovely post - lovely photo too. Still a little longer of summer left to enjoy and hopefully autumn/winter will come slowly anyway. I love all seasons though late winter when I am fed up with the greyness and the short days is my least favourite

  5. That's what's wrong with me! I'm melancholy. My season is just leaving too. My best time is from mid-May to mid-August. When the leaves get that fall tinge, the days get dark earlier, the annuals look sad and the birds gather that all points to autumn which preceeds 6 months of winter. I do enjoy early fall though but will be missing the daylight hours and the heat of summer. I'm also a bit lonely after being away for 3 weeks and I miss my grandkids terribly, and my daughter really needs my help with them. I'm glad you are back to 'normal' now and wish your nephew well. Enjoy your day!

  6. A lovely and poetic post...
    hope that you enjoy some quiet time relaxing in the last days of summer.

  7. I always wonder which is my favourite -- not winter, I'm sure of that, but each of the others has reason for candidacy. Summer is so succulently easy, though, and I so wanted and savoured that break. . . .now it's time to bring shoulder to yoke again. . . .But, as you say, there are still weeks left of lovely sunshine, fragrant blooms. . .I hope it's all curing your melancholy, or, at least, distracting you from it. Take care.

  8. I one of those that gets excited about the darker evenings and the cosiness of home. Yes Autumn is my season, I am so more creative and active during those weeks. I am now going to get ready to take all my throws and autumnal cushions out of their storage and give them a good wash and blow dry on the line! Take care. xx

  9. Isn't it funny how we all have our time of year that speaks to us? For me, it is Autumn, absolutely. This Summer has been a hard one for us too. I just wrote today for my next post that it is/was "the Summer that wasn't" but it was what it was. I think it is inherent in our survival instincts to hope that Summer lasts as long as possible too...

    1. Oh! ps! Absolutely stunning photo. :)

  10. In France we used to call September 'Indian Summer' as it was so often warm and sunny, still warm enough to enjoy sitting outside with coffee in the morning.
    I am planning ahead now so as not to feel that end of season melancholy, and deciding on Winter flowering bulbs.

  11. Oh summer for sure - I've never lived anyplace where the summers are finer than in the Pacific Northwest - on the coast - absolutely heaven. That is why we can get through the rainy seasons - summer summer summer summer. And the fresh produce - we just got a flat of peaches from Eastern Washington - and a Peaches and Cream Pie just now came out of the oven. Lovely temperatures that are gently enough for baking now and then - oh how I adore summer.

    When spring is approaching after our long, dark, rainy winters - I think that spring is my favorite season - but my favorite really is summer - I enjoy every single minute of it.

    I'm glad you are taking some time to enjoy what we still have to come - happy summer!!!!!

  12. I hope you will be able to enjoy the remainder of the summer...so fleeting but so precious.

  13. I love summer and really begin to feel sad as autum approaches. This summer I didnt get the free time or the slow time l like to enjoy when summer arrives but this summer was very different and brought unexpected family memories! Work heats up once school starts and it has already happened so I'll have to wait for slow time.

  14. The passage to fall is always emotional for me too. I love planning something new or fun to do. The state fair usually one on our list. Going back to school is always bitter sweet too. My son just took off for college too!! Sad and happy all at the same time!

  15. Spring and fall our my favorites! Summers are too hot and humid in our area of the country.


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