Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From My Herb Garden: Sage

Every time I use sage, I'm reminded of an argument Laura and Mary Ingalls had in one of the Little House books about whether or not sage or onion should be used in a stuffing recipe. As it turned out, Ma stopped the argument by reminding the girls that neither sage nor onions was in the pantry, so it was a moot point.

Sage can be pungent and overpowering if too much is used. The green beans are proliferating mightily around here and I'm looking for new ways to serve them. Bacon, sage and onion sounded good and tasted just fine in these Green Beans with Sage and Bacon.

This Sage and Ginger Mixed Nut recipe is good to keep on hand for unexpected guests, or unexpected hungers. It keeps in the freezer and is very slightly sweet and herb-flavoured, with a hint of heat from the cayenne, which could certainly be omitted.

Then there's just plain fried sage leaves. Sprinkled with a little salt, they are crunchy bits of herbaliciousness. If they don't get gobbled up in the kitchen, they'd make a great garnish on a turkey platter.

Sage is supposed to be good for many things - but I don't know how much truth there is in the following quote: "Sage is singular good for the head and brain; it quickeneth the senses and memory; strengtheneth the sinews; restoreth health to those that hath the palsy; and takes away shaky trembling of the members." - Gerard

Any good recipes/uses for sage in your cookbook? 


  1. Those mixed nuts are calling out to me!

  2. Oh Lorrie that bowl of green beans and sage looks delicious - I could eat some right now!
    The mixed nuts look scrummy too!
    I've just found your food blog and once I'm up and running with a new computer I'll join up.
    Thank you for popping in to see me.

  3. Sage is not one of my favourites, though I have a huge plant in the garden. And I do like sage and onion stuffing!

  4. I like sage, love its aroma, think it should be used in the stuffing, and am imagining decorating a turkey platter with sage leaves. How pretty that would be!

  5. I always throw a tiny bit of it in my meatloaf, along with a multitude of other herbs.

  6. That nut mix looks wonderful! I'll have to come back for the recipe once I get some fresh sage.

  7. I have one fairly small plant of sage. I've never used it except for drying to look pretty. :) Fried? sounds interesting as do the nuts!


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