Thursday, December 12, 2019

Of Christmas Reading and Sewing

I fell asleep last night to the sound of a soft rain falling. This morning is dark, with continuing drizzle. Outside my window shapes and colours are muted and grey. The wooden box holding greens sits on the patio table. It's an old box that once held odds and ends in my son-in-law's father's shop. Sturdy and honest - a useful box. I'm happy to give it some more time to shine.

With the dull light outside, it is very cheering to light the Christmas pyramid and watch the deer spin around in their wooden forest while I finish my breakfast tea. I have no classes until after lunch on Mondays and Thursdays and how I treasure these slower mornings at home. This morning I made granola - Tim's go-to breakfast on workday mornings. It's not my favourite thing to do, so I like to get it done quickly. 

Plans for the rest of my morning include some sewing. I had a dreadful shock on Monday when I planned to sew - my machine would not work. At all. I suspected an electrical problem with the cord, so I took it to the repair shop. They agreed that the cord could be the problem, but couldn't diagnose it. So I brought it home and in the evening Tim cut off the plug end, shortened the cord about 3 inches, put on a new plug and voila! I have a working machine. 

My machine is 37 years old come January and I love it so much. I've tried others, but always come back to my old red Husqvarna. It's stitched everything from maternity clothes to wedding gowns, baby garments, gifts galore, quilts, and curtains. I suppose I should resign myself to the fact that it won't last forever. 

December reading. Old favourites. Along with these I enjoy reading the Christmas chapters in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books, and the ones in L.M. Montgomery's Anne series. I've taken a few Christmas novels from the library, but they are as saccharine as Hallmark movies and I can't take too much of them.

Speaking of Anne, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It tells the story of Marilla with sympathy and is in harmony with Montgomery's character. It begins with Marilla as a young girl and the story occurs over several decades. If you're an Anne-girl lover, you'll enjoy this easy novel. 

Greenery inside is brighter than outside today. And I did mention that I was planning to sew, so I'll get right to it. 

Have a lovely day!


  1. You have some good reading set aside there, girl. And, sewing. Two of my favorite things. Well, not so much sewing at this age but I've done a ton of it in the past. I sure hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs and Christmas cheer.

  2. I love those fresh boughs in that old wooden box!
    The red Bucket is pretty wonderful that your husband fixed your sewing machine. I haven’t owned one for many years after mine just seized up and stopped working. It was about 40 years old at the time.
    Enjoy your slow morning

  3. So glad Tim could repair your sewing machine! Your greens look so festive.

  4. Your box looks so Christmassy , simplicity is best sometimes.
    My machine is an old one too and has been mended several times, but I know it well and love it!

  5. Christmas is rapidly creeping up on us all, and as I am sure you are aware, we have also had to suffer an election hanging over our heads too.
    I love your vintage box, old boxes and suitcases are now all of the rage, and the more vintage they look, the better.
    It is good that Tim quickly found the solution to your sewing machine, but rather surprising that the repair shop could not.

  6. Hope your day has turned out just the way you had hoped.

  7. Oh I see Stillmeadow! I reread Glady's books according to season. She is my favorite author. I will put that book about Marrilla on my list. I have never been able to watch one of those Hallmark movies. They seen too silly for me. One of my favorite movies is A Christmas Memory with Geraldine Page. I hope your machine worked okay. Thank heavens for handy husbands. 😊 Kit

  8. Loved the prose...

  9. How nice to have those slow mornings. Yippee that the sewing machine is working now. I'm working on getting more light on the front of our house so we don't lose it in the dark and snow!

  10. You accomplish much on a "slow" morning, I think! I am glad that your handyman was able to put your beloved machine back in working order!

  11. We had rain during the night and it's quite windy today with some clouds. A perfect cozy day unless my husband decides we need to go running around. He has a hard time just sitting still for even a day. Glad your hubby was able to get your sewing machine back in working order again.

  12. It's my own fault, but I wish I had more time for reading. Maybe a New Year's resolution?

  13. Lovely box of greenery on your table outside. And I love your seasonal book pile. I found P.D. James's is available at the library so I put a reserve on it and will pick it up next time I stop in. Recently finished the lovely Winter Solstice and I look forward to Shepherd's Abiding. Read the last page the other night of Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter and really enjoyed it. If I ever read it as a child, I don't remember, but it was a thrilling tale even now.

    Happy to hear that the sewing machine was so easily fixed. Three cheers to that very smart repairman!! (wink)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Brenda xox

  14. That box is gorgeous. We have a pretty quiet weekend coming and IM glad. The funeral and all the goings on, led to a little cold. It is not bad, but Im feeling tired and not weepy, just kind of quiet

  15. So glad that your handy hubby was able to fix your sewing machine!

    I like the idea of re-reading the Christmas chapters in favourite books.

  16. Your sewing machine will last forever.
    My Dressmaker has had 2 cord fixes (accidently shutting top on it) and a new motor, and still working well at 47 years old. All the history makes it feel like an old friend.

  17. Don't you think your machine will at least last the rest of your life? It might need a new part now and then, like that new cord. But you obviously take care of it, and it is a well-made machine. You should plan on it being your faithful friend to the end. :-)

    You've got a great collection of wintry Christmas reading there, and just the weather for it!

  18. I could spend a very happy afternoon with your pile of books. Meanwhile, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your machine keeps going, I find that older things last much longer than new ones, and are more lovable.

  19. I was here earlier, but left to see if my (online) library had Mistletoe Murders ... I need a new but non-sappy Christmas book. Library had it, but the waiting list was too long. So I visited Amazon.... .... and then I forgot where I was. Just now watching my lovely new Adam Dalgleish download onto my Kindle and remembered where I learned about it! Thank you (although I am afraid too look too closely at the rest of your stack )). Have a lovely week.... The toolbox planter is perfect!

  20. Pleased your sewing machine was fixed ok.
    I do like both the old wooden box, and the red bucket.

    All the best Jan


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