Monday, June 09, 2008

Rather tired...

after a celebratory week. On Wednesday Ashley's convocation was held, Thursday my parents arrived and on Saturday we held an open house to celebrate Ashley's accomplishment! So much fun!
I glued old maps to thin pieces of wood, applied quotations to the maps and clipped on photographs of the graduate with mini-clothespins. Propped on the mantel and tables, they were fun and added a personal touch. This photo is of Ashley and her father, also known as the Handyman Husband.

Ashley (right) and her friend Sheryl. Ashley has a Bachelor of Science in Linguistics and Sheryl a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (with distinction). And now these two friends are off on a great adventure - a five-week trip to Estonia, Finland and Sweden. They are in the air over Canada as I write, my heart flying along behind them.

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And here's the traveler/graduate doing some last minute sewing (or unsewing) before leaving.

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