Mantels and More

Kari and Kijsa are hosting a mantel open house! We all get to show what we're doing with that wonderful ledge above the fireplace. It's perfect for displays of all sorts.

For Christmas I use lots of greenery, candles, pine cones, and some paper cut trees made years ago.

In the fall I use a bit of orange and brown although they are nowhere in my decorating scheme. But natural things, like pumpkins and leaves, fit in everywhere. I change the artwork above the mantel to reflect the season as well. Sometimes it's hung, other times I like to prop up pictures. Our mantel is fairly high, so the space above it isn't expansive. Propping the pictures brings them down into the whole fireplace scheme of things.

And here's the current look. You'll notice that we painted out the dark blue. I was sad to see it go, but wanted more light for the summertime. In the winter it was cozy, but I like the light. I stacked a couple of paintings one in front of the other. Tall branches, trailing ivy and a bit of crystal provide a contrast in textures and shapes.


  1. I love the little pumpkins on your mantel for Fall. Also like your pale blue paint color. The fireplace looks totally different with a new backdrop! -Julia

  2. I love the light color... I like the way you showed us your holidays... really neat. Thanks for sharing , Susie H!

  3. Beautiful Lorrie...I change mine all the time too...I love the summer version...and the paint colour is very pretty. I had a beautiful red/wine wall...I loved it so...but it does become overpowering after a while. I'm sure you found that with the blue...

    Thanks for visiting...

    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. I loved the before, but the after is beautiful too :)


  5. Lorrie, first let me say I LOVE that blue wall color!

    I think they way you have propped the pictures is very clever. Of course the orange pumpkins against the blue wall is is fab!

  6. Howdy northern neighbor !

    I feel like Tim Allen's neighbor peeking over the fence into everybody's house.

  7. I like each treatment, and I love the look of the two pictures together.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Just love all the seasonal inspiration!! We love to change up the mantels for seasons and yours are perfect examples!!! thanks so much for sharing-beautiful!!!

    kari & kijsa

  9. Hi! Nice to meet you! well, I love its, are so cute! warm regards

  10. Wow, the different wall color makes it look like a new room! Love the light color!! :) Your mantel looks gorgeous in all the photos! xo!


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