Monday, June 23, 2008

Lavender and Linen

"best among the good plants for hot, sandy soils are the ever blessed lavender and rosemary, delicious old garden bushes that one can hardly dissociate." Miss Jekyll Home and Garden 1900

I clipped some lavender this morning and tied it up in a linen napkin with a bit of green velvet ribbon. Lying on the cabinet in the front hallway, a slight waft of its perfume rises as I climb the stairs. I'm not a huge fan of lavender scent - too much gives me a headache, but I think it so pretty I'll risk it.

In the winter it freshens the linen closet and I hope to make some sachets or lavender wands for that purpose. My favourite scent is that of roses, or lemons, how about you? How do you scent your home?
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  1. Lavender and Roses! They are my very favorites!! I will have to try that rose syrup recipe below.


  2. I just picked a bunch of Lavender today too. I plan to dry it for my winter wardrobes.
    I can get a headache from too strong a scent of Lavender too and yet it can relieve headaches too.


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