Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Corners of my Home


I love the main bathroom. My daughter found some prints of elegant ladies and we took our cue from them to create a "French-themed" bathroom. The shower curtain is like a page from a French newspaper, in black and various beiges. I found the silver tray at a Salvation Army store and like the look it creates - corraling all the bits and pieces of the bathroom counter.


I accented the room with red towels, candles and a few other accessories.
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  1. What a lovely bathroom. Love the red and black combination...very nice.

  2. Cute combination of white and red.

  3. Karen Schmidt6:23 PM


  4. Karen Schmidt6:25 PM


    The red and black in your bathroom is a bit dramatic and very effective. The pitcher on the counter looks l Ecuadorian--yahoo!

    Our bedroom is scarlet, cream and black, and I'm reeally enjoying it.

    Thanks for sharing your design scheme.

  5. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I linked to your blog from the new victoria forum.. Your blog is lovely..I am putting it on my FAVES list.
    I am one of the original Victoria forum users..Started in 1997 and continue with about 12 others from around the world..We meet in person every other year..
    I am a working artist ..doing art fairs all winter in FLorida

  6. my sister would love it, she has the red dress theme shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond . I love it! Thanks for sharing


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