Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Hike


The rain let up for a bit this afternoon so my husband and I headed out for a hike. It was 3:30 when we parked the car and we moved at a fairly fast pace, arriving at Squally Reach in about 45 minutes. It was a bit of a workout! The view is spectacular. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the camera. This picture, of the same area, was taken last summer, on a cloudy day. It looked much the same today - all blues and greens melting into each other with a shimmer of water. So beautiful.
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Lilli in Vancouver said...

What a breathtaking view!

Charm and Grace said...

OK, I am the tiniest bit jealous that you live so close to a view like this! Wow! And, I love that you changed your homepage pic to the three heart stones. Heart stones from all over the world, how perfectly symbolic for Valentine's Day.


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MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

The higher up one goes, the closer to heaven one gets...
Hugs Karla

Barbara said...

Beautiful lake and so close to home. So frustrating when one finds a beautiful scene and camera is at home. How often I do that.

Your journal cover is precious.

Like the idea of collecting sea glass. Ihave only ever done it with stones.

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