Thursday, May 29, 2008


When I hike I like to stop and pick up bits and pieces, turning them over in my hand, wondering about their shapes and textures. I collected these treasures on Sunday afternoon, on Portland Island. A piece of slate, a seashell, mossy branches, seaglass and a bit of driftwood.
Sometimes I place them in a bowl or on a plate to admire, but this time, I stitched them to a piece of fabric and sewed on a stick for a hanger. Whenever I see it I remember the day and the warmth of sunshine washes over me.
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  1. What a creative idea!!! It came out so nice, too. I love the way it makes you remember a particular time!! Fun idea!


  2. thanks for your Etsy order! I'll get that out right away, hope you enjoy it. I can't get enough of those old flowers, myself!

  3. So creative and what a lovely reminder.

  4. I think that is such a great idea! Sewing memories into a collage so you can remember the day. Thanks for this beautiful tip. xxoo

  5. What an incredible idea...what memories of a day well-lived!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    smiles, kari & kijsa


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