Friday, May 16, 2008

Glorious Sunshine


Yes! It's finally here. It may not stay long, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can! Yesterday afternoon I worked in the yard, planting annuals, digging weeds and we even ate outside on the deck! Wonderful warm sunshine. And today the sky is blue, blue, blue. I'm heading outside!
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  1. Love the white adirondack chairs... I've always wanted some. Just never had a place for them, so no good reason to buy them. Glad you're having some sunshine... we have had lots of rain this week, but after last year's drought I am certainly not going to complain! My roses are soooo happy.


  2. Here too! Outside is the place to be!

  3. Enjoy your day!!

    kari & kijsa

  4. Thank-you so much for visiting my blog Lorrie...and for your kind comments.

    It is so nice to meet a fellow Canadian. We are heading out to BC in August...won't get to the island this year...but will in 2009...keep in touch and maybe I can see you then.

    Love your beautiful!

    Talk again soon.

  5. This photo reminds me of all the films they showed in school during the 50's. They looked just like this. The kids would be playing in the backyard with the dog. The girls would always be in dainty dresses. Mom, with an hourglass figure, would come out with a pitcher of iced lemonade, wearing a form fitting dress, heels, and an apron.

    Sign me up!


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