Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lilac Time

I am thinking of the lilac-trees,
That shook their purple plumes,
And when the sash was open,
Shed fragrance through the room.
- Mrs. Anna S. Stephens, The Old Apple-Tree

Sweet, sweet lilacs.
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  1. Those were my mom's favorite flower. Whenever I see them I always get a bunch and think of her everytime I look at them.


  2. Lilacs are my favorite flowers, I love to paint them. Such lovely words, and beautiful photographs. Karen

  3. The lilacs have been extra special around my town this year, their scent is everywhere!

  4. I had a hedge of lilac trees in one of our homes. It was so heavenly, I miss them!

  5. Very pretty pictures of your lilacs! I also like how you made the edges of the photos have a dreamy quality to them.


  6. These photos are enchanting...


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