Wednesday, May 28, 2008

See that article title on the cover - the one that says, "Walk your way to a Stronger Marriage"? Well, that was written by yours truly. I'm thrilled to have an article published in this magazine.

Here's a link if you want to read the article on line instead of the print version.


  1. Congrats on having your article published!! I've saved the link so I can go back and read it tomorrow when I'm more awake and can concentrate.


  2. Congratulations, you must feel so proud. I have not read the article yet, but will take some time to do so, although I have a very strong 28 year marriage already, there is always room for growth :)

  3. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Well written and full of great real-life examples. I'm excited for you to have this published this month! Congratulations, Lorrie!
    Karen, Camano Is.

  4. I just loved your magazine article Lorrie. Alan and I walk together a lot and it really is good for the soul, and the spirit.
    Had to smile particularly at one paragraph. As we are used to walking Alan will sometimes say when going to a meeting "We can walk, saves worrying about car parking" Well for me, what about my hair, can't walk in these shoes, will get hot and sweaty and all that stuff. Obviousl we are the same the world over.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!! It must be so exciting for you. I would be hopping up and down. This is a wonderful article and I will share it with my DH.


  6. Oh Lorrie, that is just wonderful. I have thought many times about submitting something to TCW, but never have. You go girl.. that is so awesome!! And with those beautiful vistas to walk through (as I have gathered from the lovely pictures you post) I can't imagine a better spot for a trek through God's creation.

    I am so happy for you, my "published" friend. Walking together is something hubby and I have talked about, but our street is one of the busiest in our city (with over 8000 cars a day driving by). So it's a bit tough for us to navigate for a leisurely walk. But when we are on vacation or in my hometown we definitely love to walk together. If we ever get our little cottage in the woods, after reading your article, I am going to make that a priority!


  7. Writers must stick together! Congratulations! I have been strolling through blogs and found yours. It is a lovely blog. I will mark it in my favorites and I hope you will visit mine sometime and read my fairy newsletters.

  8. That is a great article! Congratulations! I think I'll try it - although our days are starting to be REALLY hot here now (NC)... even at 8pm, it's 85 degrees!
    Love your blog! I'm new at blogging, and I am enjoying reading your past posts to see what I've been missing! Fun!!

  9. Congratulations, Lorrie, I read the online version and it was fabulous. My husband and I discovered the joy of walking together too a number of years ago and it was great for our marriage and my fitness (my husband rides his bike as well for a more vigorous workout, but I love walking and talking together!).

  10. Great article! Congratulations! Glad I found your blog!


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