Tuesday, July 08, 2008

From my Garden

One of my rose bushes (and I'm sorry I don't know the name) is just gorgeous. I'm clipping bouquets for the house and for friends. The fragrance is amazing. The bush itself is well over my head. I love looking down on it from my bedroom window.

The other night at dinner I looked at the creamy petals, soft and perfect, blushed with just a little pink and I longed for fabric of that texture and colour. I need to simply enjoy the roses for what they are, just the way God made them.


Nancy said...

Beautiful, Lorrie. Such a lovely colour...you just want them to last forever!

Hugs, Nancy

Charm and Grace said...

Wow, those are amazing ...in fact when I first saw the picture I wasn't sure they were real. You need to find out the name as I am sure everyone will want to know. Glad you're back from your holiday safe and sound and waiting for your precious dd to come home.


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