Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mr. Handyman

My husband doesn't think of himself as creative. Yet he is - in so many ways. Oh, give him a paintbrush and some watercolours and he'd be lost, but give him a toy to fix, a cabinet that sticks, or a squeaky floor and he's in his element. He analyzes and comes up with solutions that are so simple and practical. He makes the physical underpinnings of our home work well.
And then he putters in his workshop and creates beautiful furniture. He created many pieces of our furniture while we lived in Ecuador. The mirror above was the last thing he made there and it hangs on our dining room wall.
Stereo cabinet, dining room table, dry sink, breakfast table, end tables, dressers, he has made many of the pieces in our home.

This armoire that hides our television set and provides storage for movies and photo albums below was his latest big project. I love it for the way it functions, more for the way it looks and most of all, I love it for what it represents to me - hours of calculating, measuring, cutting, sanding and finishing by the man I love. And he says he isn't creative....what do you think?
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  1. Ah, he sounds like a wonderful husband!


  2. Lorrie, what treasures you have... both in your beautifully crafted furniture and in your handy husband!



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