Friday, June 26, 2009

A Few Days in Bavaria

From Paris we took the train to Frankfurt where we started our bus tour. Our first stop was the medieval walled town of Rothenburg, in southern Germany. This is Germany's best-preserved walled town, and in the Middle Ages, was a very large town, with about 6000 residents. After the 30 years war followed by the Black Plague in 1633, Rothenburg was left to itself and was thus able to preserve its 17th century state. There was no money to build new buildings so the old ones remained.

For the best view, we climbed the Town Hall Tower. The stairs started out like standard stairs, but soon became narrower and narrower, steeper and steeper, until at the very top, a ladder led out onto the extremely narrow ledge around the tower. But what fun!

And what a view! The red roofs of the town, higgedly piggedly crowded into the walls, and then

the green countryside beyond. Oh, it was beautiful! Lush and fertile land. This is one place I'd love to have spent more time exploring.


  1. Oh Lorrie how wonderful that you got to visit Rothenburg! It is so close to my hometown...I envy you the trip back to Bavaria! I hope you enjoyed some nice coffee and kuchen at some nice Gasthof along the way. Did you visit Augsburg? It is also a walled city dating back to the Roman era, being the second oldest city in Germany and my hometown.
    Thank you for letting me peek into the windows of your trip....
    Victorially yours, Karla

  2. I'm loving the pictures because I love history--those painted ceilings are beyond explanation!!

  3. Hi Lorrie,
    Thank you for taking us along. It is such a magical thing about the blogospehere!!
    Keep enjoying your adventure!


  4. Oh, to go back to Europe! I'm really enjoying following your trip!

  5. Beautiful pictures! And don't you look stylish!


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