Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Hint of Green

Outside my window leaves are uncurling from their winter rest. Branches swell with promise. The overall appearance of the trees is still brown and sculptural, but from a distance, shrubs are hazed with the delicious fresh colour of spring.

To celebrate - a simple leaf.
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  1. Hurray for spring leaves! This is a lovely one.

  2. hi lorrie,
    your spring leaves is wonderful!!!

  3. Hi Lorrie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm doing the "39 Squares" project too. Love what you have stitched so far. Wow ... all of those boxes ... good luck on your move and getting settled.

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Less is definitely more! Your stitching skills are great too Lorrie. I'm going to attempt to stitch a ship anchor today using the filled in stitch like your leaf (satin stitch I think it's called?) but I know I'll probably have to redo it at least once. I'm looking forward to day 39 when I may just know what I'm doing. :)

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Happy Stitching! Suzanne

  5. There's something quite wonderful about a simple picture of a simple object. Glad that you are taking time to do your crafts. I'm sure that you find it very relaxing.

  6. Oh, how cute! I love all of your squares. Esp. the lil' house.

    I'm stitching along with Amy too. I wish I could stitch more & put less thought into it. LOL

    Interested in seeing what you do next. :)

    Happy Stitching,

  7. Beautifully simple. I must admit that I am having Olympics withdrawals this week. It was so wonderful to see such a beautful part of the world. As a Canadian you must be so proud that all the world got to see all that beauty. I watched in HD, so that made it even more special. And I am now a curling fan, too. We even went out last night and used a Best Buy gift card to get a Wii curling game. We're slowly but surely getting the hang of it. ;)


  8. I am a new visitor , been to British columia, victoria, Calgary, all over... I almost moved there, ENDED up in Beautiful Maine it is somewhat like BC. I like your post..Wish you would become a follower of mine. Makes it easeier to send messages..



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