Saturday, March 06, 2010


Although a bit cool today, the sun shone brightly and the temperature was perfect for a little gardening. But first, I wandered around, looking at what was sprouting or blooming. I've been watching these hyacinths from the kitchen window. They are even prettier close up. And so sweetly fragrant. One of my springtime favourites.

This winter has been so exceptionally mild that I've had a constant supply of chives and parsley. This clump looks like it needs a haircut!

Lovely vinca with irises peeking out in the background.

And the raised beds are cleaned out, ready for planting or amending. I won't be doing that this year, since we're moving. But perhaps the renters will want to grow something. I know that my daughter, who will be living in the suite, plans to grow a few things. The beds are ready and waiting. The bushes in the top bed are blueberries and in the back of the lower bed, a rhubarb plant is uncurling itself from the ground.

I'm going to miss this yard. The new one is not fenced and the deer run rampant. In time we'll fence off an area for a garden, but it probably won't happen this summer. I do plan on growing herbs since I've heard that the deer avoid those.


  1. Oh my you are so far ahead of Albeta, we still have snow from December although it has been very nice the past two weeks.
    Your lawn looks lovely just as is and I am sure the renters will love it......:-) Hugs

  2. Before we built the deer fence last summer I became an expert on what Island deer won't eat - not much!!
    Herbs, poppies, Jacobs ladder,Foxglove, daffodils, Rose Campion, daisies of all kinds, phlox, Lambs Ear, marigolds...

  3. I planted my hyacinths late and they're only just beginning to show their noses above the soil.
    Good luck with the move and your battle with the deer.
    Thanks for showing the pic of your blueberry bushes growing in the raised bed. I wondered if you could do that, and now I'm going to! xx

  4. Good Morning Lorrie,

    So sad that you won't be having many flowers this year, but I am sure that you will have plenty othere things to do getting settled in to your new home. I am sure that by next year, your green thumb will be showing off!!

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. Oh such beautiful pictures. thank you for sharing a little bit of Spring!

  6. Your vegetable garden looks to neat & tidy and your plants are so much more advanced than here in Normandy.
    I hope you grow to love your new garden and spend many happy hours there too.

  7. Of all the little griefs that we suffer when leaving a home behind, the loss of a beloved and well-established garden ranks right up there. (I know that I still miss my stone garden after 16 years.) Here's to the fun, though, of creating a new one!


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