Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Little Bit More Every Day

The grasses surrounding the bog remain sere and brown, but there in the distance, the faintest suggestion of green tinges the tops of the bushes. Canada Geese in V-formation fly overhead, headed north once again. Blue waters ripple under the whisper of the raw spring breezes. "It's coming," they say.
Heather glows full and pink in manicured yards - cutting the lawns is already happening.

Hellebores nod their pretty heads in the cool air.

And a cheery robin hops across the lawn, hoping for an unsuspecting worm or bug to cross his path. Yes, it's almost spring, in spite of the snowfall yesterday.

And today, in North America, at least, don't forget to "Spring Forward" one hour tonight.
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  1. Are you serious? People are already mowing the lawns there! We have not yet "greened" here in Kentucky. I dream of a meadow instead of a yard and no more mowing.

  2. Oh my....... lovely..... we're a while from that view around here, but there is much hope as snow mounds have been melting in leaps and bounds these weeks.

    No sign of a robin yet, but a neighbour heard the honk of a Canada goose. So we're coming right behind you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. You had snow? Well, it was just a little poor man's fertilizer from the looks of things there. I've seen no robins yet, but yours looks like a cheery little fellow.

  4. We in the UK have another two weeks before we spring forward. I don't like this one. I like fall back when I get an extra hour in bed. xx

  5. Such beauty! I'm sooooo ready.... it's warm and sunny here....thank you, God!

  6. Hi Lorrie,

    I am so excited for your husband. I sure hope he loves his new job and that you will get all moved and things will look bright for you and your family again! You sure have been "a rock" during his layoff. You are such a strong woman. You are right...YEAH for the Ides of March!

    Have a great week.

  7. Lorrie, Thanks for stopping by and for sharing the beautiful springy images! Glad things are looking up. Take care, M.

  8. Ah...the signs of spring. Love those hellebores!


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